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Oct 13, 2008
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ca_gascon wrote: No problems with my machine. Been working perfectly for almost 2 months.
Got a replacement last week and had no issues until this week. Same issue now, if it turns off after the set interval, 30min or 60 min etc, it will not come back on unless I unplug the machine.

This is very frustrating I never had this issue on my Delonghi, and honestly other than the fancy display and customizations of the drinks, the espresso shots pulled from this machine in no way matches the shots I was getting from my 13
year old Delonghi Magnifica. They are much weaker no matter how I set the grind or intensity. I'm now contemplating just returning it and giving up on Philips/Saeco all together. The difference is noticeable just by comparing the brew units, the Philips has a much smaller doser whereas the Delonghi has a built-in double, resulting in pucks that are twice the size and a stronger shot with more body. I feel like the extra-shot option is practically a must with the Philips for milk drinks, and that is only available on the 5400. Obviously you can just add an extra shot manually on the other versions like the 4300, but a single espresso shot will always be lacking in comparison to competitors.

I'm willing to get used to it cause I love the simplicity, the Lattego system and the overall look and design of the machine, but if this power issue persists, I may have no choice but to return it.

@ca_gascon or anyone else here, can you confirm that your machine powers back on after the Stand-by time shutdown (without having to unplug it)?