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Nov 7, 2011
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British Columbia Prime Day = Epic Fail

Proscan 60hz tv - over 500 bucks. Seagate 2 tb hard drive for 99 claiming to be like 60 percent off (its normally 109 everywhere).

Am I the only person who is epically disappointed by this nonsense.
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Jun 30, 2006
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I can safely say this is the biggest fail of a sale in 2015. It was a massive scam to get people to sign up to Prime with the hopes of renewing membership for $100/year.
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Feb 1, 2008
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I took a look and there is NOTHING I'm interested in.
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Jun 14, 2001
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The $5 promo GC seems decent when buying $30 in GCs. I'm debating it it's worth the hassle to sign up for Prime just to get $5 off $30.

I wish I knew if it was possible to buy, even in separate orders, multiple $30 GCs and qualify for the promo for each without signing up for Prime to find out...
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Jul 16, 2003
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While I agree with you, don't forget that us RFDers are deal hunters that scour the Hot Deals section regularly. For us, these deals are a bust because we can find comparable prices throughout the year
For others, they see the sale and jump. "oh, 60% off! Add to cart!"

The same thing happens during Black Friday and Boxing Day

"$400 for that TV on Black Friday? It was $380 when I got that PM deal at Best Buy back in September!"

There are still many people that don't take the time to shop around / PM / jump on clearance sales like we do at RFD
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Dec 11, 2010
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A cold deals doesn't mean it's a cold deal for everyone.

That said, there are still 9 hours of deals to be announced, I am sure your opinion will be changed as soon as you see the deals for what you want to get.
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Mar 24, 2004
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Never expected .ca would have real deals.
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Mar 23, 2004
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h2o- wrote: Never expected .ca would have real deals.
x2, pretty sure a lot of us were mocking how bad the sale was gonna be from the get-go. I couldn't understand why people actually signed up for Prime, prior to the sale.
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Jan 2, 2007
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Yes it is very disappointing. MemoryExpress sells the exact same seagate drive for 109. Regular price is 130, but Amazon posts the regular price as 170...
bengoldenberg wrote: Proscan 60hz tv - over 500 bucks. Seagate 2 tb hard drive for 99 claiming to be like 60 percent off (its normally 109 everywhere).

Am I the only person who is epically disappointed by this nonsense.
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Oct 24, 2012
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h2o- wrote: Never expected .ca would have real deals.
They used to.

Back in 2013, between Black Friday and Boxing Day, I remember there were crazy lightning deals:

- 50" Toshiba 60hz LED for 500$ (Same TV was advertised for BF and BD for 550$ + Eco fee at Costco/Best Buy etc).
- 70$ 2TB WD My Passport
- And other stuff.
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Apr 14, 2015
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Tsuu T'Ina, AB
Half price diapers is a really good deal, but only if you need diapers. Of course.
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Dec 15, 2013
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North of Toronto
I was beyond bored looking at their site for the 'prime day' that was advertised like a month in advance.
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Feb 28, 2004
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how do I cancel my prime account? lol
gave them CC and addy for nothing..
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Dec 31, 2011
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Just thinkin'. If we let them know we were not impressed, and that we know that .com and had better deals, do you think they would do a substitute Canadian deal day? Say September?
Won't hurt to ask.


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