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Rockwell 6S Safety Razor $97.72

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  • Sep 20th, 2021 5:19 pm
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Apr 23, 2006
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BravoDeltaRomeo wrote: RazoRock Mamba (now it's called Mamba 53 for the blade gap). It's about $80 regular price but goes on flash sales and special event sales.

Or I use a vintage Gillette FatBoy on 3 or 4.

I switched to a single pass WTG shave years ago and don't waste time doing multiple passes.
Thanks for this. Reading the description for the Mamba, it seems like it would be a good starter razor for both my face and head.
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Nov 1, 2009
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It seams that the consensus from people that use the Rockwell 6c/6s is they try their heads and stick to the one they prefer and don't use the rest.
Paying for 6 heads and using only one seemed like overpaying, so instead I purchased a cheap razor from China.

Then I got another one, then another one and different shaving heads. Finally I have spend over 200$ on different razors and razor heads and am not event sure I got the one perfect for me. I was able to sell many of my purchase and only kept the one I really like. So overall I have not lost that much.

Out of the dozen I tried so far from brands like Ming shi, Yaqi, Razorock, Fatip and Gilette., the best value razor I have is the Yaqi Flipside used exclusively on the open comb side and my favorite razor is the Razorock BBS "A", but this one cost about 100$.
Sep 29, 2004
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+1 for Rockwell Razors. I bought them for my teenage sons too (well one is not a teenager anymore) and that is what they exclusively use. My second guy's first shave was with a Rockwell. I like their DEs and have bought the adjustable ones to give as gifts.
Dec 26, 2019
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quality control is a hit or miss, I had them replace mine 3 times for a blade alignment issue and even then the same issue remained so I just gave up.
May 27, 2008
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For someone who uses the Merkur Futur and uses the adjustments from settings 6>3>1 on my shaves, I'm failing to see why you'd want an adjustable that has manual pieces to take on/off and potentially loose for $5 more: ... 5062&psc=1

I also found the Body Shop maca root shave cream my go to after trying a few different brands and products. I just wish mine lasted the 6-8 months as the other poster experiences.
Nov 6, 2012
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Gr8irlbot wrote: This is outdated information. Rockwell HAD QC issues, to the point that they replaced razors for each of their customers that got their first batch from the quickstarter funding round. As of last year, the production runs seem to be really good. I own the 6s basically use the 4 plate exclusively now, so in retrospect, I wish Rockwell would let us buy the handle and the plates separately.

I recommend the 6S from personal experience, and the 6C deal posted in an earlier post is great price, for basically the same razor in a what's called zamak ( Under normal use, it will last as long as the stainless steel, unless you drop it, and it lands at an angle that cracks it.

Rockwell also makes great shaving cream, however, it's pricy for what you get, so I stick to Barbaso and Nivea for men.

BTW, I will never deal with Italian Barber again. They misrepresented a promo on a mamba with "titanium" handle, and shipped a stainless steel one. When I pointed it out, they went around in circles, trying to imply I didn't understand the promo, then changed their web page for the promo item, to not point to the original description and then offered me a "refund" as long as I paid their inflated return shipping charges. I won't get into their communication tactics, that reel you in so that they can then use your own words to try and make it look like you are "threatening" them like a credit card scammer.
Sorry for the late reply but they still have QC issues, you'll see examples of the 6S QC issues on the wetshaving forums and on Reddit. But yes, the 6s is a great step into the high end safety razor level.. had I stayed there at the 6s, might have saved myself a LOT :D
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Oct 2, 2018
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This is like the kids picking up on vinyl records and picking up turntables, and yes vinyl for their problems do have warmth.

I remember my father used to have a razor like this but I grew up on the disposable, it really is expensive and wasteful. The shave is pretty fast and clean, convenient.

I'd like to try out one of these razors, dont think the mat finish perhaps a stainless steel might look better and potentially grab less. I know this one is Adjustable, looks matter as well over time.

Price is a bit high so going to read the posts a bit more try and understand if you get as good a shave in the same time?
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Apr 21, 2003
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board123 wrote: How are safety razors really hundreds of dollars nowadays? As an Asian guy, I've always just stuck with cheap cartridge razors as I barely have any facial hair. I remember decades ago, my dad used to have a safety razor because it was more readily available and cheap. I had no idea safety razors are "luxury" products nowadays.
As an Asian guy, I have full facial hair...the only male in my family to have this. I get five o'clock shadow in the summer. Not so bad in the winter. You don't need to spend hundreds on a safety razor though. My reason for switching was more for environment impact of more plastic ending up in landfills and the ocean.