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[Amazon.ca] Shure AONIC 5 Earbuds / IEMs (in-stock Nov 4th) - $537.09

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  • Oct 25th, 2020 10:42 am
Jan 19, 2017
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kimwoobingsu wrote: I'm a sucker for these cheap headphones, will probably pick up a pair.
same that's why i ordered 3 from this post
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Aug 29, 2012
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RedSwagDeals wrote: same that's why i ordered 3 from this post
You won't regret it.

There is actually a Blon BL-05 from this year as the BL-03 is from 2019, but most people agree that the BL-05 is a flop and not as good as the BL-03. So it's better just avoided.
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Mar 21, 2010
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afuiw0 wrote: I was in the same situation with the first gen BT cord. Complete garbage particularly given the price. I called Shure and they replaced it with the RMCE-BT2. The BT2 is also on sale right now on the Shure US site for US$49.
Thank you! Your comment encouraged me to contact them and they agreed to replace it but it's not clear whether I'll get BT1 or BT2.
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Aug 30, 2019
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Can someone explain to a layman like me what is special about this and why it is expensive? This is just for research purpose.
Feb 17, 2019
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chatbox wrote: Sony donated the LDAC implementation to AOSP. It's part of Android 8 and up. Nothing to do with Samsung.
I hear you but that isn't what I was saying. Samsung supports LDAC but doesn't support APTX-HD. It's Shure that doesn't support LDAC (last I checked). Also.. my bad I saw the OP and thought this was for shure's new wireless AONIC buds. These buds are cabled.
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Sep 4, 2014
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Toronto, ON
FARMERBLANCHE wrote: Those are what I use
Highly recommend them if you can justify them
Also yes I do use them with my old s9+ with just the built in DAC when I use to take the train. I'm serious when I say I don't hear a f@$king thing outside on volume 4 or higher. Unbelievable.
Are these magical or something?