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[Amazon.ca] Soundpeats TrueFree True wireless earbuds, price drop

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Apr 27, 2017
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Having bought these covered ones, here are my quick pros and cons for when I got them at ~$39. These buds come up often on RFD now and I think while you might find value in them, I still go back to using my earpods at the office and wingtipped mpow bluetooth earphones at the gym so I feel a bit strongly about those who respond to those that call them amazing.

TL;DR - I used them while I was at the office and they are great for music and would get me through half a day easily. Mic voice quality is just okay but noise cancellation SUCKS, if you want to use them for any kind of activity and don't want to adjust them every 2 minutes, don't buy them (see below).

-Better sound drivers than I would have expected with great bass and vocal frequency ranges. If you are upgrading from cheap mpow bluetooth earbuds or earbuds that come with your phone, you'll be happy with the sound
-Battery life on the earphones them self tends to be north of 3 1/2 hours and deplete evenly, they don't feel like they deplete when they are off, and since owning a pair from May I have charged the case about 4 times.
-With the exception of one con, I have never had a problem with the earbuds that wasn't fixed by power cycling and resyncing, have had to do that probably twice.
-Case with a lid is great for throwing in your pocket and not being full of lint or concern of falling out and syncing to your phone then draining the battery. I have dropped the case and the lid didn't stop one of the headphones from flying out on one occasion.

-"dual" is probably a bad term for anything on this, each earpiece can work independently, sync independently, and they sync together with the R earbud being the (dominant?) one. Never have to worry about earphones out of sync with each other
-Button feels like a 3 finger press (2 on the side, one on the button) otherwise feels uncomfortable to press

-If you are in a quiet area, the mic will provide a good enough voice quality that people can understand you, albeit very tinny. If you are in a noisy area or a lot of background noise forget it, "dual clear audio" doesn't do shit for isolating noise.
-From my personal experience trying these running, walking, using weights, or really any type of body movement (lying down to sitting up), these earbuds are not for you. I have tried every single earbud size, it doesn't change the fact once the rubber moistens in the slightest, you are readjusting constantly. They don't sell wingtips to lock them in because people complained they had to take them off in order to charge the earphones; which is true. But I haven't found a single option to make them usable at the gym.
-People complain about the L earbud cutting out randomly and I never get it sitting normally, but when I go from a looking down reading position or picking up something off the floor I get it constantly. Power cycling does not fix this issue
-Video-Audio desync and it changes depending on the app. I've read there can be 100-600ms delay over bluetooth and previously I've said it feels like 0.25-0.5 seconds of delay when watching youtube, netflix, prime video. When playing a game is feels like a full second between tap and response. So I'd say 100-600ms delay seems right and if you don't mind a bit of lipsync then thats okay, but its not for me.
Aug 29, 2012
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JurassicFlop wrote: Having bought these covered ones, here are my quick pros and cons...
Thank you so much for the in-depth review, I've decided to stick to my wired headphones for now. Thought that the convenience of these would be a revelation, but a few sticking points in there tell me if probably be happier sticking with my current headphones. These do sound like a really good product, but the cons would personally drive me a little crazy.
Dec 18, 2013
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Anyone know how these would behave if you go to bed wearing them listening to a podcast, you fall sleep and the podcast stop after an hour, would they stay awake and kill the battery or would some sort of a sleep function kick in if audio stops?
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Jan 10, 2010
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I bought these when they were on sale last time, paid pretty much the same price. I ended up returning them because I didn't like the buds fitting (tried all sizes but none of them fitted perfectly) and the fact that audio cut and in and out a lot unless I sat still. I listen to podcasts when I work in the kitchen or do gardening, these didn't work for me.