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[Amazon.ca] TP-Link 3 way smart switch ATL $43.21

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  • Sep 2nd, 2020 3:32 pm
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May 4, 2014
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[Amazon.ca] TP-Link 3 way smart switch ATL $43.21

As low as it's ever been on Amazon
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Nov 10, 2012
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$30 is an insanely good deal since you can use each switch independently (so basically $15 per switch) but I would call this Amazon deal pretty hot too even if not quite as good as that previous Source clearance. These work really well (I am using a few sets of them in my house).
Jun 12, 2020
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I have a question. I have some smart plug outlets with the Kasa app and Google Home integration, work just fine.

What happens if Kasa goes out of business or the app goes right to crap, will these default back to dumb switches?
Jan 29, 2008
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wutanggrenade wrote: What happens if Kasa goes out of business or the app goes right to crap, will these default back to dumb switches?
Kasa seems to be just a model name for TP-Link (along with Tapo), which has been around since 1996, but this concern applies to all things smart. Including, unfortunately, very expensive things like smart fridges, and smart TVs (you've probably experienced first hand - my 5yo TV no longer supports YouTube sigh).

That said, Home Assistant works well with TP-Link smartish products, you can even null-route the items so they cannot connect to/be connected from the internet if you have security concerns (after you've done the initial setup - you don't need the official apps to continue to control the devices, although you will need to install firmware updates).

In the case of switches, it's even better - they operate as switches even if you don't set them up (when you install them you have a limited window to configure wifi.. if you don't they go into basic mode, you need to disconnect the power to get back to setup mode). They don't toggle quite like a normal switch, but each touch turns it on/off. Any smart plugs that include external buttons, will probably work the same.

The only risks are the vendor pushing out a firmware patch that bricks your device (turns off support - not unlike Sonos' move {which they ended up reneging on}, or breaks it - not unlike Samsung did to older bluray players). So maybe automatic updates are not wise.
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Jan 12, 2003
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I am using 5 of the single switches and 4 - 3 ways as single switches - one of them is in a 3 way setup though.

I have them all in home assistant with my ring alarm - I am working on getting HA to turn on all lights when the alarm is triggered - the whole reason I put the switches in .

I have had no issues with mine so far .
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