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TP-Link AC1750 Wireless AP (EAP245 v3) - $79.99

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  • Jun 9th, 2021 9:22 pm
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Apr 11, 2003
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soupmaster666 wrote: They don't have the best track record in terms of patching vulnerabilities, but their track record is a lot better than some of their competitors. I mean definitely don't buy a D-Link router, it will probably have never-patched vulns from day 1.

For the wired and wireless throughput, number of clients, basic features, etc. the things perform extremely well for the price.

If you expect them to handle 50 wireless clients, and all clients to have full speed, in a 4 bedroom apartment with 15 other interfering networks, well no matter what you spend your $79.99 on you're going to be disappointed.
In relation to vulnerabilities, it should be noted that this is an AP and not a router, and as such, isn't really "WAN" facing. So the vulnerabilities are limited to what's on your LAN, and within range of your Wi-Fi range. Still a concern, but considerably less broad.

As for wired throughput... again, it isn't for LAN devices, it's not a router, so you're not plugging wired items into it.

This is just for mesh (wired or wireless) AP, as standalone or using the Omada controller. (I have 4 of these in the house, zero issues, better than the Asus AIMesh I replaced, and the Google Mesh, which could not do Mesh if in AP only mode, and not as your router).
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Dec 22, 2005
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I have two of these running in my house with the an Omada stand-alone controller. Works,great. Only thing I had to do was set separate channels the 5G signal for each AP


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