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[Amazon.ca] Various Marvel (MCU) Blu-rays $14.89 | Hobbit standard ed's $11.21

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  • Apr 19th, 2020 8:37 am
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[Amazon.ca] Various Marvel (MCU) Blu-rays $14.89 | Hobbit standard ed's $11.21

Warm deal, yes I know these are on Disney+, Netflix, etc... Just noticed on Amazon, a few of the MCU BDs, the later ones, are on sale for $15 for anyone that needs any of these to complete a collection or whatever. They are coming up as lowest price on Amazon, according to Blu-ray.com which seems about right given Disney usually doesn't discount much. 4Ks are not on sale but TBH the UHD MCU discs look basically the same as the standard BDs anyway, minus HDR.

End Game:
https://www.amazon.ca/Avengers-Endgame- ... B07R63GWG1
Infinity War:
https://www.amazon.ca/AVENGERS-INFINITY ... B07CBLS7HT
Cap'n Marvel:
https://www.amazon.ca/Captain-Marvel-Bl ... B07PH3XL75
Thor Ragnarok:
https://www.amazon.ca/Thor-Ragnarok-Blu ... B07895XF56

There could be more but those are the ones I've seen.

Also noticed Hobbit non-extended/standard edition BDs are $11.21 each for whatever random Amazon reason, which makes the trilogy like $34 which seems alright to me; unfortunately extended editions not on sale.
Unexpected Journey:
https://www.amazon.ca/Hobbit-Unexpected ... B006P1DEBK
https://www.amazon.ca/Hobbit-Desolation ... B00IICJ5M6
Five Armies:
https://www.amazon.ca/Hobbit-Battle-Arm ... B00R3CZHQU
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I can confirm that the 4K blurays are garbage. It's nothing but a lazy upscale to make Disney more money. Couldn't believe how dull Avengers InfinityWar and EndGame looked.
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Looks like Captain Marvel and Spiderman Homecoming are both $15 as well
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