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[Amazon.ca] [WARM] Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse - The Nostalgic Legend!

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  • Jun 23rd, 2020 7:14 pm
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Oct 26, 2003
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Very good mice, but it is time to move onto cordless bluetooth.
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Jun 5, 2004
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I have this it's good replacement for my Logitech G5 mouse but the smooth texture causes dirt to build up very quick.
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Aug 28, 2011
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sirisak wrote: how is this compared to G502 HERO SE
Both mice have different use cases based on function and weight.

The 502 has way more hotkeys, is larger (i.e. will fit grips differently) and is heavier. A larger mouse makes it harder for people with smaller hands to utilize a claw grip. The extra weight may prove to feel fatiguing for fast twitch FPS games.
On the flip side, you might want the hotkeys for MMOs, to which you may not mind a heavier mouse.

So really, it depends on your hand size, grip style and desired functionality. Rocketjumpninja has a very rough guide on which mice fit best, given your hand size and grip style. His guide is mostly geared towards FPS gamers though.
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Jul 20, 2016
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divx wrote: Very good mice, but it is time to move onto cordless bluetooth.
cordless, yes. bluetooth, no.

l4rate wrote: Thanks but barf, that's an ugly mouse.
wow how dare you?! haha.
I guess is the nostalgia taking place. Back in the days - early 2000s, Logitech MX500 (then MX510, then MX518) and MS IntelliMouse 3.0 were all we have.
huuuu! (¬'-')¬ C-('-'Q) straight!
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Sep 7, 2006
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sirisak wrote: how is this compared to G502 HERO SE
I'll put money on MX518 owners saying that no other mouse compares on the market since theyre longtime owners and used to its fantastic design and obvious build quality. I've been blasted on other logitech mouse threads recommending the 518 and I can't begin to describe how many mouses I've purchased and returned trying to find a decent replacement for the 518 knowing that its time should near (which it hasnt) and knowing that there would be a significant learning curve on the new sensors. So I told myself that it's about time I got used to the new sensors and made the move on it in that regards. Otherwise I would be on my OG still.
Sep 17, 2019
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still using my mx510 and mx518 on my laptop. only had to replace the feet
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Mar 27, 2003
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DanielM491 wrote: Been using it for 3 days. Its a nice mouse. I habe large hands
Feels like a laptop mouse. I guess my hands are massive. Winking Face
Dec 8, 2009
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Anelephant wrote: While I don't doubt that this could be a possible issue with some of these mice, it doesn't seem to be very common at all. There's always an expected failure rate for any manufactured device, this one is no exception and I highly doubt it is higher than any other mouse (I'd lean towards it being better). Plus Logitech will send you a replacement under warranty with absolutely no hassle.

Countless people still even have the original ones in use today. I have had an MX510, 2 "old school" MX518s, and now the MX518 Legendary and only 1 of the MX518's died out on me after probably 3-4 years of solid use. All the other ones still work fine...
As someone who went through 5 Logitech mice in their gaming series that all developed this issue, I disagree. A quick Google search will show how common it was/is. Logitech had no problem doing warranty replacements multiple times for me including giving me different newer versions, which ultimately still developed the same problem.

I no longer purchase Logitech mice because of this.