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Waterproof Dry Bag/Sack/Backpack with Phone Pouch -15% / $16.15 (ATL)

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  • Jan 23rd, 2023 5:01 pm
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[] Waterproof Dry Bag/Sack/Backpack with Phone Pouch -15% / $16.15 (ATL)

Waterproof Dry Bag,Dry Sack with Phone Pouch Waterproof Backpack for Outdoor Water Sports Boating Hiking Kayaking Canoeing Fishing

Yellow 10L is on sale / all time low according to CCC

EDIT: wrong link fixed
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30L one at $33 is a pretty good deal IMO
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kuchunwah wrote: To be fair, the amazon ones have shoulder straps and looks like more compartments as well.
*compartment The image they use is a blended stock image of a shelf. These bags don't have compartments unless theres an exterior zippered pouch.

That having been said, the sea to summit and this are in 2 different categories. the sea to summit would be used for dividing gear inside another bag, possibly waterproof, possibly not. The one OP posted would be an external carrier.
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That is some bad photoshop work, lol.

Tempting, but 20L seems like the sweet spot for size. But for $39 it should have bluetooth and solar, lol