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WD Green SSD -SATA -1TB $139.99

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  • May 28th, 2020 12:10 pm
Mar 9, 2014
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[] WD Green SSD -SATA -1TB $139.99


My second post about storage drive -first one I posted , the price was Too high according to RFD standards and I learned something new and benefited from it. Now this is another one- what do you guys think?

Also available on Newegg ... FC-RAN-CAN

You get 1% cash back from Raukten on newegg

This one doesn't have DRAM compared to Blue which has DRAM

I, myself am waiting for the M.2 PCIE which I ordered a week back. Also I need 2 tb ssd so I didn't order this. (just as fyi)
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Oct 18, 2010
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It's not a great deal overall but it's definitely one of the cheapest right now.

All the SSD prices have been higher then normal lately. Don't know much about the WD Greens, but I'd assume this is a decent drive for older systems or anyone still using a platter hard drive for their main drive. Good for a PS4 as well, although with PS5 hopefully coming this holiday season, you might get limited use out of it, although it could always be repurposed for another computer/laptop.
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Dec 11, 2008
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What the heck makes this Green? Does it have the same head parking issues as the original Green hard drives? Smiling Face With Open Mouth

I couldn't find a comparison of the 1TB unit but the 240GB did not fair well against the Samsung 860 EVO. ... 7351vs3949

Considering the performance difference, I'd rather buy the Samsung EVO. I've paid $150-$159 for the Samsung 1TB. Hopefully, we'll get a good sale again.

Going from a hard drive to a solid state drive is a considerable drop in power used. Samsung 860 SSD's are rated at about 4W while the WD Green is rated at about 2.8W.
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Nov 15, 2013
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I can't find much on this cause WD keeps changing it's internal hardware. If one really needs a 1TB SSD at $140, I'd say not to roll the dice and buy a Crucial BX500 instead since we know more about it. Or even just spend the $10 on the Adata SU800 which uses the same controller as the MX500 albeit with slightly poorer NAND.