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[Amazon.ca] WD Red 10TB NAS Internal Hard Drive (WD101EFAX) - $344.99

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  • Jun 1st, 2020 6:52 am
Jan 12, 2012
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[Amazon.ca] WD Red 10TB NAS Internal Hard Drive (WD101EFAX) - $344.99

WD Red 10TB NAS Internal Hard Drive - 5400 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 256 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD101EFAX
Brand: Western Digital
3.6 out of 5 stars 102 ratings
for "wd red 10tb"
Was: CDN$ 389.98
Price: CDN$ 344.99
You Save: CDN$ 44.99 (12%)
New (14) from CDN$ 344.99 FREE Shipping
Capacity : 10TB

Style: Red


Specifically designed for use in NAS systems with up to 8 bays
Supports up to 180 TB/yr workload rate* |Workload Rate is annualized (TB transferred times (8760/ recorded power-on hours)). Workload Rate will vary depending on your hardware and software components and configurations
NASware firmware for compatibility
Small and home office NAS systems in a 24/7 environment
3 Year manufacturer's limited warranty
Report incorrect product information.
I have included CCC pricing since feb 11, it is the lowest price since then.

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Jul 29, 2001
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I would love to replace my four 4TB ones with four of these, but I can't justify it right now.
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Aug 23, 2013
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Dang, good price.

Tempted to buy for Media Sever Build, are the 10gb HD known for failure rates?
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Jan 15, 2006
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Richmond Hill
These were $330 at newegg a month ago. Best price for amazon and it’s ok, but can be a bit better.
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Jul 11, 2009
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how long do these typically last in a NAS that is only occasionally accessed ? 5, 10 years?
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Apr 6, 2003
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JimU wrote: how long do these typically last in a NAS that is only occasionally accessed ? 5, 10 years?
6.345 years
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Apr 20, 2017
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Shingled or not?
most things haven't worked out
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Oct 14, 2017
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txenglan wrote: With the Seagate 10TB at $250 (which isn't even the lowest) and not to mention WDs recent antics with Red drives, this is as cold as ice but thanks for posting OP.
I bought WD RED 10TB for $329 in December.

There's no comparison to a Seagate. WD is far better than Seagate.
Aug 14, 2009
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As an IT pro, my experience is that WD are unequivocally better than Seagate with respect to the only metric I care about in an HDD -- reliability. I've replaced more Seagate platter drives from desktops, laptops, servers, and NASes than any other brand by a factor of at least 10. HGST are/were even better, especially historically... though they're owned by WD now, they still come in toward the top of most reliability rankings. Things have been changing of late, so it's not as cut and dried as it once was, it's true. A bit less anecdotally, check out Backblaze's HDD reliability charts; Seagates rarely have the lowest Annual Failure Rate.

Just my experience/opinion :)


(edit: since the original comment I was replying to has been removed, some of what's here doesn't have context anymore...)
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Nov 12, 2009
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Calm down nerds, nothing beats Maxtor.
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Dec 2, 2007
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I just came in here to say I’m a 30 year professional.
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Apr 15, 2009
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admiralackbar wrote: From a neutral perspective, it is the WD fans that are ultra sensitive in this thread :D

I had WD Reds for the longest time in my NAS, got Ironwolves for the same price last time and they have been excellent if not noisier.

Not a huge fan of the WD Red SMR shenanigans either so would probably lean ST if I had to purchase today. That is a personal consumer choice rather than a technological one.
I have a pretty high level of hate for Seagate, from the high failure rate of certain drive models making my life difficult, but im not blinded by it that I won't admit they made a great product with the 10TB barracuda pro which u can get from shucking their 10TB external.

This current WD dilemma is forcing me to do one thing for own personal setup that i've been holding back for a while now and that's to convert everything to SSD and slowly get rid of my HDD as they die. (of course if im forced to get a Hard drive, i won't mind getting the SG 10TB if it is the best bang for buck)

Just voting with my wallet, need to punish WD for the SMR BS, and I still got grudge against SG for making my life miserable those years back.
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Aug 7, 2019
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I love this thread. But yeah not a deal compared to SGs 10tb. Will probably pick up another 2 when they go sub 200 again.