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Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled (Works with Amazon Alexa) | 20% Off | $19.99

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  • Sep 3rd, 2020 12:08 pm
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Jun 10, 2004
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[Amazon.ca] Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled (Works with Amazon Alexa) | 20% Off | $19.99

  • Control from anywhere. Plug in a WeMo Mini Smart Plug, download the free app, control your lights and appliances from your smartphone or tablet. Only needs Wi-Fi. No hub or subscription required
  • Compact size. WeMo Mini features a sleek new form-factor that allows you to stack two Mini Smart Plugs in the same outlet.Works with the entire family of Wemo products,Works with IFTTT, connecting you to a whole world of Web apps
  • Schedule automatically. Never come home to a dark house. Schedule the fan to turn on before you arrive. Sync lights and devices to sunrise, sunset, or pre-set times automatically.
  • Randomize Lights. The Mini Smart Plug protects your home better than a mechanical timer. “Away Mode” will turn your lights on and off randomly to make it look like you’re home even when you’re not.
  • Works with Alexa and Nest. Pair with Alexa and control your lights and appliances with your voice. Pair with Nest Thermostat and Nest can sync with WeMo for automatic control.


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Nov 3, 2013
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Regina, SK
I bought one of these last Christmas on sale from Best Buy. Setup is a nightmare. I'd never buy one again.
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Sep 29, 2005
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I have 4 WEMO devices and little by little, I've replaced 3 of them as their wifi connections were too unreliable. SmartThings was a particular problem and I wasn't alone. I'm doing much better now with Kasa devices. My last remaining WEMO light switch is hanging in there.
Apr 5, 2007
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I had Wemos and as others have said setup is a nightmare! Once setup they would loose wifi connection often. Moved to Meross brand and setup was seconds and have not lost connection once. Meross are priced aggressively, quality product and work with Google and Amazon
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Mar 25, 2002
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They are clearing these out as a new model is available in the USA, I assume here shortly
Jul 29, 2016
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WEMO is such a piece of shxt, terrible setup experience, the app is also a joke. Stay away from this junk.
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Jun 6, 2005
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I’ve had no issues with my Wemo smart plugs. I haven’t tried other brands but wanted to weigh in with a positive experience.
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Nov 23, 2004
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mussitate wrote: What's the difference between that and something like this? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08CRB4GPH/ref ... uFb2AKYX9R
Support and updates. Most of those China brand cheap ones on Amazon use a variety of janky mobile apps, are likely full of security holes, and have next to no support or updates. These brands can (and do) drop off the grid whenever they feel like it. Belkin is a known brand and at least keeps updates available, patches security issues, and will likely keep devices support for some time to come even as they age. A lot of cheap china ones also lie about electrical safety authority certifications, which can cause things like insurance to become void if they burn your house down.
Mar 31, 2009
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Well, my experience with WEMO (4 lights switches, 3 plugs) is excellent. Some of them are in use around 5 years already in my house. No issues whatsoever with Wi-Fi connectivity.
They have been reliable and still get firmware updates (which I assume also include security updates) once in a while. Good luck with this with the cheapo Chinese brands.
Jul 21, 2005
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All my smart plugs and switches are wemo, absolutely no issues. Years ago there were some issues with connectivity and switches dropping off wifi but this has been corrected with new software revisions for a long time now. Pretty much since the new GUI in the app
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Jun 3, 2010
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I bought this Wemo outlet as my first smart device. I will admit, it is fine if you use it in your very first environment. But if you move it around, that is, take it to a cottage or second home to use there, transferring it to a new WiFi was a pain because it would not reset the settings properly. I had to TRY to set it up after a reset three times before it would be recognized.

The Wemo app itself is not as useful as others...but I need to use it to connect the devices so I have no option. I ended up connecting the devices to the app, but connected the app to another environment (i.e. Samsung Smartthings or Google Home) to do the actual controlling. I actually like the Smartthings ecosystem more, as the automations that you can set are pretty flexible. The Wemo app also did not do the separation of homes, that is, you cannot put in Wemo devices in multiple WiFi zones and have it separated in the app. It made things difficult if you have two (or more) locations that have devices to control, because you can only control devices within your current WiFi zone.

Once the outlet was connected, it would work fine, but for some reason, the outlets would drop on me maybe about twice a year. The outlet I had the most problems with was in a remote location to me...so I had to make a trip out there just to reset the device.

After a couple of years of this, I swapped out all my Wemo outlets and put in Smartthings outlets - as I already had some Smartthings devices as well.

My Smartthings devices (in multiple locations) seem to be more stable...along with my TP-Link Kasa stuff. I have no problems with these devices and they have been connected consistently. I don't recommend Wemo anymore...just disappointed that being the first on the market, they are a far cry from all the competitors that have come up afterwards. And they are not that cheap in comparison too.
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Mar 4, 2014
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Good price, but too many issues with Wemo. Setup was a pain. Kasa is much better.
Jul 9, 2018
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I have a regular Wemo switch, a dimmer and three of these Smart Plugs bought over the past three years. I only use them with Alexa. They can be troublesome to set up. The process sometimes crashes and then you have to retry it. They have also gone offline and needed to be reset. I haven't had that problem recently though. They do get firmware updates from time to time and I think they may be more stable now. Based on how well they have worked over the past year I would buy more.
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Sep 27, 2008
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I've had too many issues with Wemo to ever recommend them again. The cheap plugs at Costco have even been way more reliable. They have by far the worst software I've ever used.
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Jul 13, 2020
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one good thing about Wemo is that their stuff interfaces quite well with 3rd party controllers, the cheapo Chinese ones are often a black fox that hasn't been opened up. I have an old smart plug that I got really cheap at a ReStore, and my Pi Zero turns that on and off. Once I got it going, it will only need a prod about once every six months.


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