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[Amazon.ca] X-Rite i1Display Studio (Colourimeter) - $214.01

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Jan 24, 2010
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MuffinHombre wrote: Do these work with TV calibrations?
This unit works incredibly with TVs, but you need a few additional things...
I use it in my LGOLEDC8 and LGOLEDC9.
The software I use is CalMAN Home for LG. ($145USD). This is all you need for the LGOLEDC9 since it amazingly has a built in pattern generator.
For the LGOLEDC8, you also need to use an external pattern generator that can be pretty pricey.
I highly recommend this i1 and the CalMAN software for anyone who owns an LGOLEDC9
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Aug 15, 2019
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How about for non oled tvs. I have a Q8C model so its LED backlit LCD TV & curved.
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Dec 28, 2005
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MuffinHombre wrote: How about for non oled tvs. I have a Q8C model so its LED backlit LCD TV & curved.
Check the CalMan website. Not every manufacturer is self-calibration friendly.
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Feb 16, 2006
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sid8tive wrote: I have a SpyderX on order for C$170 (all in; taxes, duties, and free shipping to Canada) - it was on deal at BHPhoto NYC (US$99+free ship to Canada). SpyderX will usually be cheaper but I've heard that i1D is the better one. Since I am not a professional, and want to use for hobbyist calibration, I just got what was cheaper :) TBH, for casual use, a SpyderX is just as good as the i1D, imo.
Gotta say that I did not like the software that came with my Xrite i1 Display Pro. I use an open source software solution to calibrate (Argyll + dispcalGUI_

Big thing was that neither the fast calibrate mode (5 minutes) or a custom mode smoothed out the gradients I could spot in a gray scale test image.

A long time ago I found the Spyder software easier to use - not sure where the current product is at but a recent review of the new unit was positive.