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Amazon Canada (Reused Proof of Delivery Photo) - Package Still Missing - No explanation given

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  • Oct 21st, 2020 9:14 pm
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Jan 9, 2011
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Paigne wrote: Actually the obligation is to get you the items. Not get the items to your porch. If you never got the items, amazon is still responsible for it. They have insurance to cover this anyways.

The issue really isn’t amazon directly but rather whoever amazon use as the method of delivery.
That is absolutely not true. Amazon itself says that items will be left "in a secure location", not delivered into your hands. That's the service you pay for, that's what Amazon logistics does, and that's what Amazon's delivery subcontractors are told to do. "Secure location" is of course a meaningless term. Amazon makes no guarantee of delivery to you personally and no guarantee of theft replacement once the item has been "delivered" according to the delivery terms you agreed to. The fact that Amazon will often replace swiped items for free leads many to believe that they are obligated to. But they aren't.
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Feb 19, 2017
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your best bet wrote: very good what to do if you see a pirate..go to the door and say hey,,thats mine..only problem with that might get stabbed or shot....
No actually it’s more about knowing what they are doing. If it looks like they are trying to pick the lock or something then call the police but otherwise it’s checking to see if I need to clean anything. Also turning on music could scare them away if they decide to snoop too long.

Like I said with covid going on, lots of people work at home. Packages don’t stay on my porch for more than a couple minutes. A doorbell cam really is a doorbell these days given most don’t knock or ring the doorbell (this was actually an issue before covid).


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