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American Express Gold Card changes coming soon

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Jun 2, 2017
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American Express Gold Card changes coming soon

I just received a rather hefty envelope today and wondered what it could be as I just renewed my Gold card couple months back. As I opened it I’m greeted by a lot of documentation regarding the changes they’re soon be implementing. These are among them:

  • transition from plastic to metal card
  • increase in AF from $150 to $250
  • first supplementary is free, second card will now be $50
  • $100 statement credit for the first year
  • $100 annual travel credit
  • Four (4) Priority Pass access per year
  • $50 Nexus card statement credit
  • Trip Cancellation insurance

Anyone else received them?
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Jul 20, 2017
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Yea essentially the card makes no sense if you have a brain now.

Low-mid spender? Cobalt superior in every way.
mid to high spender and do any amount of travel (1 well planned trip a year and the card more than pays for itself) - Get platinum card , and cobalt.

Gold seems to be aiming for this inbetween travelers who think platinum fee is too high, but if you do the math, it does not make any sense.

Admittedly you do have ot have some trust in amex though, since on paper the canadian platinum card looks excellent year one, but not year 2 for light travelers, however the last several years, amex did a enough platinum - exclusive, easy to use offers to more than make up the difference and will continue to do so.


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