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Amex Cobalt - Flight Delay Insurance

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Aug 7, 2013
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Amex Cobalt - Flight Delay Insurance

My wife booked and paid for her travel ticket recently with the Amex Cobalt credit card and her flight home yesterday was delayed 4 1/2 hours. She did receive a voucher from Air Canada but I know that Amex Cobalt also has insurance for delays of greater than 4 hours as stated in the terms/conditions as follows:

"Charge your airline ticket to your card and receive up to $500 (aggregate maximum with Baggage Delay Insurance) for all necessary and reasonable hotel, motel, restaurant expenses and sundry items purchased within 48 hours when you are delayed or denied boarding for four hours or more and no alternate transportation is made available."

So what type of charges could my wife be reimbursed for? I'm assuming she would need receipts of any such purchases? For example, if she ended up buying herself dinner at the airport while waiting for her flight as a result of the delay, should could have those expenses reimbursed? How tedious is the process of submitting a claim?

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Jan 16, 2016
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Your first step is to call the claims administrator whose phone number is in the certificate of insurance. They will explain everything you need to know from there on.
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Feb 10, 2018
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She would be reimbursed for all necessary and reasonable hotel, motel, restaurant expenses and sundry items purchased within 2 days of the delay. You will need receipts of purchases and documentation of the flight delay/cancellation. The company Amex goes through is called Global Excel. Just call the insurance number and they will open a claim file for you. You should scan and submit the documents via email.

I used the Cobalt cards flight delay insurance when my Horizon Air flight from PDX was delayed all day which resulted in getting into Seattle and missing the last connection. Global Excel was super easy to deal with, I phoned at the airport, opened the claim, kept my receipts and boarding passes and sent them via email when I got home. The only thing they didn't reimburse was some happy hour beers, but they covered my hotel, meals and transport. Some of the receipts were not itemized per the claim instructions but it was still accepted. Got a check in the mail for around $460 a week later.