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Amex Platinum AirMiles CC earn rate

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Sep 12, 2016
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Amex Platinum AirMiles CC earn rate

I just had a chat session with Amex to find out more about the AM earn rates,

Apparently there are 3 rates.

Earn rate 1/$15
Earning rate 1/$10 Eligible Everyday
Earn Rate 1/$10 Sponsor

I asked to define the "Earning rate 1/$10 Eligible Everyday" rate, since it was not clear.
This was the response.

Agent -
These are merchants that do not accept the Airmiles card, but have an aggreement with Amex to provide the same level in points.
•Stand-alone retail gasoline stations
•Stand-alone retail drugstores, excluding retail stores for which a drugstore or pharmacy is adjunct to their primary business
•Retail purchases at grocery Merchants whose primary business is the sale of everyday food and grocery items, excluding stand-alone retail Merchants selling alcohol and Merchants for which the sale of everyday food and grocery items is adjunct to their primary business

Me -
Is there a list of these merchants somewhere?

Agent -
unfortunaly, no

Me -
That is unfortunate, so there is no way to know until I get my statement?

Agent -
That is correct.

Anyone have more insight to the list of retailers? or is this just bs marketing for the CC?
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Feb 7, 2017
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To be clear... I DO NOT HAVE THIS CC

But I am very familiar with AirMiles and how the Program works

As I have always understood it ...

Earn Rate = 1 AM / $ 10 Spend at AirMiles FULL Partners
So Retailers like Shell, Sobey’s Group, Rexall etc
For a complete list of AirMiles Partners see the website... WHERE TO EARN DIRECTORY: IN STORE * ... En+magasin

Earn Rate = 1 AM / $ 10 on the Everyday Retailers
With most CCs this falls into 3 Standalone Categories ... Gas, Groceries & Drugstores
But they must be STANDALONE
So a Gas Station as part of another Store would not count (ie Costco Gas, Cdn Tire Gas Bar etc)
Groceries bought at a store who’s primary biz isn’t Groceries would not count (ie Walmart, Costco etc)
And Drugs bought at any other store than a standalone Drugstore would not count (ie Walmart, Costco, RCSS etc)

Where as ... The likes of Esso, Petro Canada etc would count in the Gas Station Category
Groceries bought at a Farm Boy, Loblaws etc would count
Drugs bought at a Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, etc would count

These 3 Categories are HUGE... that’s why there is no list

Earn Rate = 1 AM / $ 15 = Everywhere else
So ... Restaurants, Department Stores, Hardware Stores, Home Improvement Stores, Hotels, Car Rentals, etc etc etc

* NOTE - The key here is FULL PARTNERS
Although AirMiles is a FULL Partner they are not a Retailer... so any purchases made thru them will be at the rate associated with the specific Retailer.
So... Indigo is not a FULL Partner, the earn rate will be 1 AM / $ 15
Staples is a FULL Partner, the earn rate will be 1 AM / $ 10


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