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Locked: Amplifier/Receiver 101 for Dummies

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Apr 1, 2012
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Amplifier/Receiver 101 for Dummies

Disclaimer: I am audio (technologically) challenged. Was never into music. I listen to MP3 music via cell phone or desktop sound boxes. Recently I bought an amplifier Sansui 210 from salvation for 20$. it was 45 yrs old. just enjoyed about an hour over couple of days. then it died (i guess blown a fuse) but no expertise to explore and fix. Now i want a receiver:
a. without tube/fuse> will run its natural life like a laptop/computer
b. can play MP3 quality music (running via Aux or MP3 jack), I am not super sensitive about sound quality
c. which can be hooked up with my technics floor or sunsui bookshelf speakers
d. that delivers 10w/speaker
e. costs me around 100$ or less (but lesser is better)

Should I buy from:
a. best buy; something like this ... Id=7263263
b. should kijiji be the better source? should a 10 yrs old receiver be ok for my purposes (and be devoid of fuse/tube burning issues?)?

Please suggest/help
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