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Android 8.1 Car Audio/Video system technical question

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Aug 9, 2013
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Android 8.1 Car Audio/Video system technical question

Hopefully this is posted in the correct thread.

For those who are familiar or own one of these Android car systems that offer BT/WiFi/Radio, video basically the entire selection of entertainment someone might possibly want inside there car, I have a serious question. I currently own an old verion running 4.4.4 I purchased a few years ago and unfortunately these systems at the time weren't upgrade-able so I'm looking to get a more recent version of Android with more RAM space and more internal space, here is where it gets technical.

I noticed that when downloading apps from the playstore onto the machine it stores into the ROM storage which is very limited in space and it doesn't allow me to download it and run it from the external USB slot or even the ROM storage. This leaves me very limited to using the device as all it's allowing me to download externally is videos and music but not software. Can someone recommend me a brand or company that allows you to download and run applications from the SD card or external USB port?

Please and thank you.
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Sep 29, 2005
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Generally Android devices can offload apps to a SD card with a click, otherwise there's some apps that allow that like Apps 2 SD. I have a similar 4.X version car deck and never ran into that issue however I don't require many apps.
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