Antifreeze leaked out and car can barely steer for some reason

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  • May 25th, 2021 5:50 pm
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Nov 15, 2020
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TG3857 wrote: I guess douches gotta douche! Couldn't help yourself, huh?

The car is done. Or did you not get that sentiment from the posts above? Why would I make it my priority when I'm basically going to scrap it or sell as is? It's more of a priority now to look for the minivan or SUV, but no immediate rush since it's not like we can drive around our kids to a bunch of extra curricular activities these days.

I posted out of curiosity. Wondering why so many things would go wrong at the same time and wondered about the remote possibility of it being a cheap fix. I was also going to email my mechanic Tuesday morning and ask him if there's any point in me getting it towed to him by CAA and him have a look. And also ask if he knows someone that would be interested in it as is or for parts. I believe the going rate for scrap is like $200 to $250 based on my wife's old Jetta from a few years back.

And believe it or not, someone browsing, who is not a gearhead, like myself, may find it useful to know that kitty litter absorbs some car fluid spills. I did not realize this and only looked into it since it was a big spill and it's on the street.
I actually found it useful that kitty litter can help with oil spills, so thanks for you update lol
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