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any good home phone and internet bundles??

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Dec 20, 2012
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any good home phone and internet bundles??

My parents have had IPTV for 2 years now and I finally convinced them to drop Rogers cable from their other TV. They were paying $130/month but the discounts ended and the bill jumped to $170 and Rogers offered the same service for $145 so I bought them an OTA indoor antenna from amazon for $20 and that got them over 30 channels from as they live near Port Credit.

They've kept the home phone at $28.71/month including HST and they will not be cancelling it. My mom uses a cell phone but my dad hates them so they're keeping this.

Are there any good home phone/internet bundles out there? I've see Virgin and Fido home internet for about $40-50/month so with the homephone, it shouldn't be more than $90 with taxes? Any other suggestions?

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Mar 23, 2009
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How long have they been away from Rogers? To take advantage of bundle deals you often need to be away from the company for 3 months or more.

Rogers Digital Popular TV + Gigabit internet + basic Home Phone is $99.99 per month plus tax for 2 years, including 1 PVR. You might be able to get free Crave/HBO/TMN for a while too. If you want Rogers Premier instead of Popular TV, it's probably $15 more at $114.99 per month. Free installation, and some are getting a one-time $100 credit too. Otherwise Bell has some promotions right now too I believe.

Check the ongoing deals forum (under hot deals) for the Rogers and Bell threads. If you want to go this route, you'll probably want to ask someone to PM you the field reps' contact information, since most of the telephone or chat agents won't offer you these types of deals.
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Oct 9, 2010
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If you only need Internet, going with Teksavvy/Start/etc makes perfect sense; you'll save a lot over going with Rogers/Cogeco/Shaw/whoever, and you won't have to do the "call every year" dance to try and maintain a cheap package.

Since it seems they want to maintain their landline as a physical connection (no IP phone), you might want to look at DSL (no need for that dry-loop fee), assuming there is a package that is a good value for them (we don't know how much speed they require).
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Dec 29, 2008
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My parents both have cellphones but refuse to give up the landline, they wanted to keep the phone number as well. I tried very hard to get them off it, but they wouldn't budge.

At the time they had teksavvy for Internet so I was able to convince them to try teksavvy VOIP service for a few months ( forward there actual landline to a new VOIP #). They where happy with the service so i ended up porting there actual number, saving them $25/month.

After a few years ported the number to FPL, and now pay nothing and they get to keep there "landline".

Ween them away from traditional landline slowly, if you don't want to do any setup for them consider teksavvy VOIP or Fongo, which should be plug and play.