Any people working in Marketing? How did you get there?

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Sep 9, 2015
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Any people working in Marketing? How did you get there?

Thinking of starting a career in Marketing, have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, worked in sales for 4 years. Should I go back to school and do a post-grad certificate from college? have been applying for entry level marketing positions but most of them have more of sales (commission based) ! for people working in marketing, i want to know your story. :)
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Apr 7, 2012
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While this is super popular career direction, it's soooo saturated!
Pick a different industry.

Go with psychology !!
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Oct 11, 2006
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If its something you want to get into, I advise looking at Food Manufactures. I find these are generally easier for people without good marketing backgrounds to get into. You could find a small to medium sized company that would allow you to gain some on the job experience where you could leverage your sales experience to assist the sales department, as back-up or helping in that department part-time while working on the marketing side the rest of the time.

An intro marketing job in this area will probably pay around $35,000, if they deem your sales experience to be beneficial you may be able to get up to $40,000-42,000 but this will totally depend on the company, $35,000 is still more likely. You will also be a part time errand person for this type of position, doing a lot of the grunt work.

Graphic design experience/courses will normally help with these positions as these companies have very small marketing departments, normally consisting of 2-3 people, sometimes these people are even split between sales and marketing.


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