any Skilled Trade Union members here? need advice.

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Sep 13, 2011
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any Skilled Trade Union members here? need advice.

the company i work for just went into the plumbing union. i just got my first union paycheck. how do i calculate my pay, its a little confusing cause there's a whole list of things in the wage package chart
(benefits,pension and a bunch of other gibberish).

so far i think the owner just did
(basic rate X # of hours and subtract taxes/deductions) is this correct? i thought it is suppose to be basic rate + vacation pay...
for the union members here, how is your paycheck calculated? what from the wage package am i suppose to see on my paycheck?

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Mar 13, 2003
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If you are eligible for paid vacation, you wouldn't be getting vacation pay.
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Jan 11, 2008
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My husband is in the plumber's union, although possibly a different local than you.

Each company he is with sets up their pay stubs slightly different and with all the figures (deductions and earnings) it is sometimes difficult to read. There are a couple times over the years that he has called the company's accounting department just to ensure everything was correct and he understood the abbreviations they were using on his pay stub.

I just pulled out a pay stub from 1 company to look at.

They listed the hours worked x hourly rate.
They have also listed the vacation pay as a separate line (11% in his union)
Travel Pay/Travel Burden entered on a separate line
2 other things are listed, (but I don't know what they are based on the short forms they used)
They then list the deductions (standard ones like Tax, EI, CPP and also working dues)
And then they list separately the things the company pays on behalf of the employee (pension, pipe trade fund)

They also pay $15/day for parking once you hand in your receipts, for downtown Toronto.

For the total pay, they show a total for gross, total deductions and then net pay. As well, there is a separate line for total insurable earnings (as some of the things the company pays for are taxable benefits).