Any value in this '06 Fusion with busted clutch? Or scrap it?

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Jul 28, 2019
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Any value in this '06 Fusion with busted clutch? Or scrap it?


Used to come on this forum years ago and it was helpful. Hoping you guys can provide a little advice again.

I've had this Fusion from new and it has about 215k on it.

Last night I'm driving and out of nowhere the clutch starts sticking to the floor and I have to pull it up with my toe. And I have a very hard time getting the shifter to shift to 1st or 2nd or whatever. Had to mess with it multiple times to get it in gear. I pulled over and it tested it and it got going again so I drove another 15 minutes include 3 stop lights and it worked fine but did feel a little odd. Then the 4th stop light it gets stuck to floor again and I'm in neutral and struggle to get it into 1st. Finally got it and pulled over and waited for CAA to tow to my house (was on rural road in small town). Car was loaded with stuff from cottage that I had to bring back so didn't drop at mechanic. Still got 3 tows left for my CAA.

Anyway, five weeks ago I foolishly put $2,700 of work into the car for all new brakes plus catalytic converter repair. Definitely worth more than the car but I justified it to myself by saying I hadn't changed anything on brakes for at least 5 years so it was easier to swallow. Plus I hate car shopping and I'm super busy with new job that is more demanding than previous job and while it does pay more, my wife is on 1.5 year mat leave so 33% pay! Thought hopefully I get one more year out of this possibly two to be optimistic. Then I'll have a better understanding of my vehicle needs at that time.

I heard Fusions and Focuses had clutch problems from the CAA guy. Well mine was replaced April 2014 and October 2017. Both times I could feel it starting to stick for days and brought it in for replacement. This time absolutely no warning, which I found to be really strange. I could get CAA to two to my mechanic, but when I did the 2017 replacement (at different mechanic) it was $600. If it it's even remotely close to that I feel like there's no point in sinking more money into this POS car anymore.

If I scrap it I can get probably $250, but it would feel like a great shame considering it has brand new brakes and runs fine other than the clutch thing. Mind you, only a matter of time before something goes. Plus it is rusted underneath as I never rust proofed it. But 5 weeks ago when I had it hoisted, mechanic said it's still solid from what he can see. There's only a small amount of rust on the lip of the hood.

This is a stick shift which would very much limit any market for it. The most comparable thing I could find on autotrader, with manual, was a guy selling for $2,200. But that would be in driving condition. Do think there's a market at all for say a mechanic who would buy it for $500 to $1,000 and do the fix himself? Could the new brakes alone be worth something to someone who is not a scrap yard? I also put $60 gas in it the day of! Can anyone recommend a siphoning kit from the store? The ones from Walmart and CT have bad reviews. The amazon one for $20 has good reviews and I can get it in two days from a friend who has prime.

I'm not in a rush to replace until my wife goes back to work in January as the bus stop is at the top of my street. I'll lose 18 minutes a day doing that to get to and from the GO station as I take the train to work downtown every day. So I can hold onto this car in my driveway for a while until I figure out what to do.

Thanks for the help.
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Sep 8, 2017
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I would get it fixed.
Feb 8, 2010
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First get it to a mechanic and find out what is the cost to repair... might be relatively cheap.
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Jan 8, 2009
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The clutch system comprises a series of components and the one that has failed on your car may not be mega expensive. For example it could be due to a hydraulic fluid leak in the master or slave cylinders. I would get a diagnosis and estimate or start googling if you are handy.
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Jan 22, 2017
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I agree with the above posters, hopefully it'll be something simple.

I have a 09 fusion manual so I know this car very well. I gifted it to a sibling and it's current at 220km. If it needs anything more than consumables I think it'll be best to send it to a junkyard.
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Sep 9, 2012
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Echoing the last few posters - get it towed to your mechanic and get an estimate. Cannot make a major decision about scrapping vs fixing if you don’t know the cost to repair.

Based on your description of the vehicle condition and the story on your finances and family situation I’d get it fixed If it came in at less than $1,000 out the door.

I’d also start shopping casually to understand what my replacement options are once it either totally dies or your spouse gets back to 100% pay.
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Apr 6, 2008
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Check the clutch fluid. Sounds like you've got a leak or other issue. Maybe be simple, maybe not, but I would get an estimate before throwing in the towel. I had a car with similar symptoms and the fluid was low...topped it up, bled the air and it was fine.
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Mar 23, 2004
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derass wrote: I would get it fixed.
Yeah, might as well. Already put $2700 in, clutch doesn't seem like a huge deal--they go. Replace/repair clutch keep driving, if any other major issue occurs then consider dumping it. I'd imagine OP will probably be good for a few years. As others have said it may not be that expensive a fix, have it look least.

As for selling, the manual trans will indeed limit the "mainstream market"--those actually looking for a Fusion of this year range to drive. However it also has some market in that it might be sought out by any one looking to get "a cheap car to learn manual on" who knows this car was offered with manual in those years.
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Jan 15, 2006
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I'm with everyone else that is saying to get it fixed.

1. you put in $2700 just 5 weeks ago
2. it's just for commuting to the GO. I would happily drive a POS to leave it in the lot and not worry about it.
3. car will last for another 5 years after this probably
4. save money and buy other useless stuff that gets posted in Hot Deals :P
Jul 28, 2019
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Thanks for the replies.

I did some googling and saw what you're talking about when it comes to master cylinder. There are cheap ones and better ones. Actually on Auto Zone website there's a POS one that has one star reviews across the board that failed regularly. Would like to think my other mechanic didn't use that last time.

Should mention that when the tow guy lifted my car onto the flat bed I noticed a leak spot on the road where my car was. Now I just noticed it again in my driveway. Did not see this at all before these past 24 hours. However, I looked at the brake fluid reservoir and it is full. So I'm baffled. Then again I don't know a whole lot about cars.

I should also point out that the clutch failed on my while I was on the 400 in Barrie in a god damn construction zone. So I drove for two minutes in 1st gear about 30 km/h possibly even 40. I wasn't exactly paying attention to the speedometer. The cottage traffic behind me just picked up in speed when it happened so I was worrying and looking in my mirror while also negotiating a curve. I then pulled over when the shoulder re-appeared. I am wondering if I damaged my engine doing that. Anyway, it was then I exited at Essa and drove down country roads thereafter for 15 minutes.

I think you're right that I should at least have mechanic look at it. I might be able to handle a couple hundred bucks without being super pissed off at this BS.

I priced out my insurance situation. I pay 86 a month on this Fusion. Wife pays 127 on Accord. If I cancel my insurance, I can go on her's as secondary driver. The multi car discount would be lost thus causing her premium to jump 27 bucks a month. But I would no longer have to pay 86 per month for next few months if I do that. Though I would have to pay one month cost as a penalty. If I do this for four months then I save about $150 in insurance. Oh and we'd still have coverage on rental cars. And the cost of gas to the GO station vs cost of bus fare pretty much cancels out. For January I'd for sure need a car again as that's when wife goes back to work. Thought I'd share this in case other people find themselves in this kind of situation.

However, I do have to go up to cottage a couple more times on weekends this summer. Wife can go for days/weeks at a time as she's on mat leave. It's about $140 to $160 to rent for summer for a weekend. So that alone eats into any savings by not having a car for a few months.
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Dec 2, 2008
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Sounds like a master or slave. Get it fixed.
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Jun 26, 2009
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$300 if catalytic converter is original