Anyone in digital marketing / online advertising field?

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  • Jul 2nd, 2012 4:53 am
Oct 13, 2008
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Anyone in digital marketing / online advertising field?

Just recently, i have been looking into digital marketing stream which involves management of online contents and online marketing via ads thru smartphones, internet, and many more alternative ways.

The truth is i dont have any background in marketing but i am interested in taking courses that may lead me into this type of field.

Anyone on rfd in a front line of this field? Or know anyone whos pursuing this stream?

I am open for any advice and even some criticisms of how this field is bad if may be the case.
Thanks in advance.
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Sep 18, 2006
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It was a really good field to get into a decade ago when the digital side was just blooming. Now it's fairly saturated as most companies have digital in their marketing. I would say it's a fairly safe field since digital is only going to become more and more important, but there's a lot of competition right now from graduates wanting to get into digital marketing.

It's a plus if you have experience in computer science so you know the logistics behind how the online world actually works (SEO, impressions, etc.). Nowadays everyone knows how to use social media so that's not really a bonus.

Source: worked in Digital Marketing for a well-known CPG company a few years back
Aug 19, 2011
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Some classes would be useful to learn the basics but aside from that the curriculum will always be months behind. I strongly recommend just being pro-active and teaching yourself the essentials. From there just get your feet wet with a couple paid traffic campaigns and start a few websites of your own for the organic traffic route (SEO). Feel the industry out and see what intrigues you.

If you want further insight feel free to pm me (I'm in the self-employed side of internet marketing).