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Anyone have issue with Fido??

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Anyone have issue with Fido??

I been using Koodo for couple years (4 line). Moved one line to Fido 3 months ago because Koodo getting hardware is so difficult now.

Long story short, I am having issue with Fido , not sure anyone have those issue as well:

1). Slow data rate: I feel their data in general is VERY slow, doesn't matter which area I am in. with LTE I get 1mb download most of the time, sometime even get 500k in afternoon. However if I try at night , it is back to normal.
2). Showing connected but actually not working: This one seem to be issue when moving between tower. Let say I go from home to somewhere etc. My phone will show say 4 bar single, However, it doesn't show LTE sign.
if I try to make call, it won't work. Someone call me, the phone won't ring. What I need to do is put the phone ion Airplane mode and off Airplane again. Then it will be back to normal.

I try the Fido SIM card on iphone 11 and Samsung S10, same issue.

Anyone have similar issue with Fido? I use Rogers many years ago and never have similar issue.
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If you tried the sim in the iPhone and Samsung and same issue, it might be the sim.

Have you tried a new sim?

I’m on Fido and no issues.

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Sep 14, 2012
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I'm with Fido and I don't have any issues outdoors except there is a "deadzone" area near where I live (about 5km away from me) where I wouldn't be able to make calls or use data.

Where I'm currently living, the Fido signal strength is not the best indoors since I live in a basement apartment but once I go outside, the signal strength jumps up to the maximum. My Fido wireless home phone will show "orange" for signal strength as opposed to "green". I have removed their antenna and purchased an external antenna and place this external on the window sill and the signal light will go to green a lot of the time.

When I had a company phone (Rogers), the bars on my phone wouldn't be at the maximum either when I was indoors in my place.
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Dec 22, 2010
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Never had a problem for years now.
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