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Anyone used an online nanny service like, and

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Anyone used an online nanny service like, and

I posted another thread with my situation but thought I'd make another specific to these types of websites.

You sign up and then post an ad with what you need. With one of them your ad isn't actually active until you pay a membership fee. With another it says active, but by the time you receive your second response, that message is blocked out until you pay a fee. The first message I got, which was several hours later, seemed like it was auto generated.

I'd be willing to pay the monthly fee if I knew these were legit and useful websites. So has anyone had experience with them?

Here's my situation as posted in another thread. Did get a couple of replies, which got me thinking about these websites.

I live in Oakville but work Downtown TO. Regular 9-5 type job. My wife works shift work less than 15 minutes from home. Usually it's steady mornings, afternoons or nights. Right now she's on afternoons so she leaves home at 2:45 everyday. This means I there's just over a 3 hour gap between her leaving and me arriving home.

Right now we rely on her parents to watch our 15 month old. It's 25 minutes east of us so we often spend like three nights a week sleeping over there to make things easier. However, her parents are retired and will start going back to the family cottage for extended periods at a time starting in May. And this goes on till late October. So we can't maintain this arrangement indefinitely.

Traditional day care I suppose is the whole day. But what if we only need someone to watch her for a few hours?

And if my wife has to go on mornings while her parents are up at the cottage, then we'll need full day. But they usually only notify her a few days before when her shift changes. And you have to book regular day care well in advance.

I can't imagine there are any drop in day cares so would I have to rely on some kind of nanny service? Would there ever be an option for a nanny for just over three hours? And would it be at our house or we drop her off there? I see some charge anywhere between $16 to $20 an hour after a quick search, but that's usually for a day, no?
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I have used both Canadiannanny and nannyservices. I found you get the same people on both depending on your location. I had really specific search criteria that one of them had as a filter. That was the one I paid for. That's where I found my last nanny. I found the quality of people there were MUCH better than what you would find on Kijiji or Craigslist.

I believe I responded to everything else to your post on your first thread you posted. You would more answers keeping the same thread with additional questions.
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