Anyone work for the city of Toronto, preferably in IT?

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May 28, 2010
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Anyone work for the city of Toronto, preferably in IT?

What sort of experience is required for the Enterprise Technical Support Specialist position? I was looking over at the requirements and I am familiar with quite a bit of what is required, but I am a recent university graduate with no formal experience in the field. Wondering if this type of role is suited for a recent graduate?

Sorry if this is a silly question :o
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Oct 22, 2003
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Not a silly question. You need that experience, end of story. From the job title alone I will assume: enterprise level experience with servers and software, especially with email, dealing with maintenance, downtime and people's constant mistakes.

Your resume may be screened out if you cannot demonstrate that you already have the skills and experience to do this position. While I am sure you will be more than able to do the job, you must prove to the person reading your resume that you can. On paper, does it look like you are more than capable or have done it in the past?

And to be realistic, FT Toronto Public Service jobs are crazy competitive. They do give preference to those already part of the team. (It is less work to hire a new person.) To give you some perspective, one of the jobs I heard about had 57 applicants in a limited internal posting. And imagine it like this, all 57 are qualified for the position. How do you beat 57 other's who are just like you?

(I am assuming that you are not already working for the City) So make sure you're good to go as external applicants often don't know about the internal policies that you will be asked about in the interview.
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