Anyone Work or Worked at Starbucks?

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  • Jul 7th, 2012 2:32 am
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May 27, 2012
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Hey, just curious where do i apply online. I cant seem to find the link to it. Thanks! As a Barista
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May 30, 2009
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I went to a hiring fair for Starbucks in ottawa earlier this week. What they did was depending on your preferred location they gave you a impromptu interview with the manager. I think I did really well, I mentioned I was a gold card member, that i loved their products, their environment initiative and all their social media such as their my starbucks idea blog. They were surprised I already knew much about their company such as they call their employees "Partners". I explained what was my favourite drink which is a grande two pump raspberry marble mocha macciato style, or a quad grande iced white mocha americano. I had the interview on Wednesday, I did notify them about my vacation coming up from the 17-27 of july. I told them i was available to work 25-30 hours a week. So hopefully I get a call this week then Ican quit my current job, relax and then start my new job when I get back. I was worried I went a little overboard but i left a good impression and i was their first interview of the event. I also told them that I drive and willing to work any location
Mar 2, 2009
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crystallight wrote: I'm thinking of leaving my current job for multiple reasons, and was wondering if anyone has worked at Starbucks as a barista before. Can you answer some questions:

1) How many hours do the part timers get? I would want as much as possible and if I'm only going to get 15 hours, then it's not worth it. I would want at least 20 hours per week, and ideally 25+.

2) Is it easy to learn all the different drinks and detailed drink combos?

3) Are there any perks of the job?

4) Generally, how old are the other baristas?

Thanks in advance, and if you want to add in anything else, please do so!
I worked there for about a year as a p/t barista (while I was in university)

1 - they try to give you as many shifts as your availability allows. I worked more during summers and xmas, less during exams. But on average I got about 25-ish hours a week
2- Drinks aren't that hard to learn, it's basically the same recipes with different syrups
3- Free drinks during shift, otherwise 30% off drinks and food, and 30% off merchandise, 1 pound of any coffee beans/week, and if you work on average over 20hrs/week, you get extended medical/dental benefits, and stock options.
4 - I worked there my last year of school, I was about 21-22. Baristas age range from 18-40, with most of the barista's in their early 20's (usually the other ones are shift supervisors or assistant managers)