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Apartment Hunting Tips

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Dec 24, 2008
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Apartment Hunting Tips

Hello RFD's

I have stable employment near York University I am looking to rent a place a little nearer to my work (right now I live in Etobicoke and do not drive, the commute isn't too bad but I figure for a slight increase in rent I can buy a location nearer to work and nearer too downtown which is the two places I spend the most time at when I'm not sleeping). Looking to move either somewhere on the yellow line subway (so I can take advantage of the York U rocket to get to work) or somewhere that I can easily get to the keele bus (So on or near Keele). Can anyone advice me on good resources for apartment hunting? Review websites? Good forums? General Tips? I am sure I can find a place on my own but I would like to maximize my bang for my buck both in time spent looking and dollars spent for housing based on size and location. If your curious my budget should not be an issue but I am not planning on blowing my salary on a place to sleep. Just looking to get a place that's presentable and I can have people over once in a while that is not infested with bed bugs. Though...apparently without DDT everyone will have bed bugs again in a few decades *shudders*...ok presentable may be good enough criteria.

Thank you for the help!

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