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iPhone XR 64GB ($699) , IPhone 11 64GB ($679)

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  • Sep 17th, 2021 8:22 pm
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Sep 6, 2002
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umadbrah wrote: Multiple tabs? Damn, that's some hardcore web browsing
Multiple tabs with streaming pron

Just describing. The day to day man
Autocorrect sucks
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Jul 18, 2007
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KarlDag wrote: What's wrong with the M1 MacBook Air? Haven't followed, but it's what I thought I was going to buy next...
the M1 macbooks are fine, i have a few users in UX dept, and they have no problem using them.
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Feb 29, 2012
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darkmagician wrote: Its true that 75% of the time their stock value drop the day of them annoucing their new line up, but more often than not each time they release their earning reports they crush expectation and their stock hit new highs. Im not a apple fanboy, and I dont own any of their product but I have a good portfolio of their shares because I like the stock.

But you're absolutely right, there hasnt been any wow factors in their product since Jobs died, but if you look at it they arent trying to impress YOU, they're targeting the less than average Joe that only needs their phone for youtube, facebook, and netflix (insert my mother). They've created an ecosystem, a sub-culture, die-hard fanatics that it doesnt matter what they release as long as the camera is better, its faster (yet looks exactly like the previous model) these people will eat it up. They took away the cable, power charger, aux jack, and selling it to you for $1800 and people are shrugging it off. Today, who's owning the latest Iphone has become a common dinner table topic. Unless we stop buying their products nothings going to change, and I for one dont give a F cuz I like watching my money grow. :D
I have an iPhone 12 and it will work just fine for the next couple years at least
Sep 7, 2018
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sparkaction wrote: I would be worried about buying a iphone with 64GB when Apple is saying via the new iphone 13s that you should have a minimum of 128GB.
how tf does this make any sense?
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Sep 19, 2002
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wanchor wrote: how tf does this make any sense?
The guy is probably also worried about buying A14 since iPhone 13 uses A15.
Dec 29, 2010
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zebracobra007 wrote: Nice things about iPhones is they keep their value for several years. I bought the new iPhone 11 for $1100 and sold it last month for $780. In nearly three years it cost me $380 to use it and it was well worth it as it never let me down for my business needs. Last Android I had was the Samsung S10 which was also over $1100 when I bought it new, three years later I struggled to sell it at $300.
This is what I keep telling anyone who tells me that Apple products are expensive. Their resale value is always super high. So the real cost if you plan to resell comes out to being cheaper than other brands.

I mean, I had a pair of airpods that I bought for 220$ when they launched and sold it used 2 years later for 140$! Couldn’t believe someone would pay 60% of the new price for a 2yr old used item that’s been in my ears lol
Jun 19, 2007
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jmc111 wrote: You notice that your wallet is a little lighter.
haha true.

I did ok though, did the freedom thing and paid 360 net for the Iphone 12 and my wife needed a new phone so she got my XR has a hand me down.
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May 4, 2020
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Richard1986 wrote: I mean, only you really know whether or not you can wait another year for a phone, but...

You will definitely notice the difference. The 13 pro will have a far better camera in terms of features, low light, and other capabilities (although, not COMPLETELY night/day), will be heavier, faster, and 'generally' better due to the tech baked into it. However, most people are content with having a phone that does everything good enough, and I believe the X (my son has it) still takes beautiful shots for a phone nearly 4 years old. My wife has the 12 Pro Max, and I've had almost all of the models at one point or another through reselling, and I gotta say..I'm a bigger fan of how the older models not only look, but how they feel, as well. Don't get me wrong though, it was great having the 12 Pro Max. And it's truly capable of fantastic stills, and incredible video. But there's something magical (possibly nostalgia) whenever I hold an X, or an XS Max. I think it's one of the most beautiful made iPhone's, next to the 5. (My opinion, of course).

I got my hand on an iPhone XS Max a couple of weeks back, and it was an incredible feeling; The new models feel 'soulless' by comparison, but on a cognitive level, they're new, right?
I had the 6s before upgrading to the X. When I saw the X, I was mindblown and I knew I HAD to buy the X. But now when I see the new iPhone's I don't get that same feeling :/


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