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[AppleInsider] Parallels Desktop 15 plus PDF Expert and 10 other apps + Windscribe VPN 2 Years subscription for just $48

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  • Dec 14th, 2019 8:43 pm
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Apr 29, 2018
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Parallels Desktop 15 plus PDF Expert and 10 other apps + Windscribe VPN 2 Years subscription for just $48

Deal Link:
December 16, 2019
UPDATE: Deal is back - Use promo code MACSAVE20 to secure the collection for just $48. The promo code is active through Dec. 16

Seems like a good deal, even just considering Parallels. Description Text below

PS: Also this is unrelated, but iStat Menus is also at 50% off - https://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/ - been waiting for this deal


The bundle consists of 13 award-winning apps covering management, photography, privacy, and other areas. While Parallels Desktop 15 is the highlight of the 13-app list, the rest of the collection is certainly worth a closer look, and includes web development tool RapidWeaver 8, deleted file recovery app Disk Drill Pro, and HDR photography tool Aurora HDR 2019.

The entire bundle is valued at $1,267.80 collectively, but using exclusive promo code INSIDER2020 in its first 48 hours of availability, AppleInsider readers can secure the collection for just $36. The promo code will be active on Cyber Monday and Tuesday, and will expire on December 3 at 11:59 pm Eastern.

The full list is:
  • Parallels Desktop 15 - 1 Year subscription
  • PDF Expert
  • Aurora HDR 2019
  • iMazing 2
  • xMind 8 Pro
  • Banktivity 7
  • NetSpot Pro
  • Windscribe VPN Pro - 2 Year subscription
  • Live Home 3 Pro for Mac
  • TextExpander - 1 Year subscription
  • RapidWeaver 8
  • Disk Drill PRO
  • DeltaWalker Pro
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Mar 11, 2019
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Yea it sounds too good to be true lol. Is the parallels a one year subscription?
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Aug 4, 2008
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I think the Windscribe VPN is good for 2 years.

216/9 = 24.
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Aug 4, 2008
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iguuana wrote: Yea it sounds too good to be true lol. Is the parallels a one year subscription?
Own it for good. Its the regular home/student edition.
Mar 11, 2019
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rebel_rfd wrote: Own it for good. Its the regular home/student edition.
So it’s a lifetime copy?
Sep 27, 2013
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iguuana wrote: So it’s a lifetime copy?
Looks like only one year license

Parallels Desktop 15
Run Thousands of Windows Apps Without Compromising on Performance or Rebooting
By Parallels Inc | in Apps + Software

System Requirements

macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS High Sierra 10.13, or macOS Sierra 10.12
DirectX 11 requires at least macOS Mojave 10.14 but works best on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
Guest Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8
Important Details

Length of access: 1 year (then will be $79.99/yr thereafter, can cancel at anytime)
Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
Access Options: desktop
Max number of devices: 1
Only available to new users
Version 15
Updates included: 1 year
Download and install Windows 10 in one click
Optimized for macOS Catalina (10.15)
Customize Touch Bar for Windows applications
Virtual RAM for each VM: 8GB vRAM
Virtual CPUs for each VM: 4 vCPUs
Premium 24/7 phone and email support: 30-days
What's New

Optimized for the latest Windows 10 updates and macOS Catalina (10.15)
Works with OS X, Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, Linux and Unix, and macOS Server
Add Windows applications to Touch Bar™ for instant access and customization
Smart resizing and independent screen resolutions for separate displays
And much more!
About the Developer

Parallels Inc., a global leader in cross-platform solutions, makes it simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. Parallels helps businesses and individuals securely and productively use their favorite devices and preferred technology, whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, iOS, AndroidTM, Chromebook, Linux or the Cloud. Parallels solutions enable seamless delivery of virtual desktops and applications to any device, running Windows on a Mac, Mac management with Microsoft SCCM, and remote access to PCs and Mac computers from any device. Recently, Parallels became part of the Corel Corporation and joins an impressive collection of industry leading brands, including CorelDRAW, WinZip, ClearSlide, and MindManager.
Dec 31, 2006
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iguuana wrote: So it’s a lifetime copy?
It's not. I wished I hadn't purchased this. It's good for 1 year only and renews at 117 after.
Dec 18, 2012
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North York
Tempting! I like the looks of Banktivity.... don't know if I'd switch from YNAB 4, but still think it looks cool. Some other good programs in here too. Good deal at $36.
Feb 11, 2019
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smartKirkland wrote: Is it too good to be true?
Happens every year, most apps aren't really full price anyway ever. Parallels regular edition is limited to 4 vCore, 8GB vRAM, which basically heavily limits the applications for actually using including gaming which they so heavily advertise.
Oct 17, 2012
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Just going to pitch in and say that I use iMazing and it's great. Makes it really easy to transfer files and folders (photos, documents, videos etc.) to/from iOS devices. They can backup and export alot of different iOS data as well but I haven't used those features.
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Aug 3, 2014
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saudor wrote: I take it’s USD?
Yup, so around $53 after conversion.

This bundle is pretty hot, PDF Expert is nice if you work with a lot of PDF forms. Parallels is the obvious big name one here, and by the time black friday roles around next year, they'll have another license deal like this
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Mar 13, 2012
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Same price at StackSocial after discount code, in case you have credits over there that you haven't yet used up.
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Apr 10, 2002
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KT2312 wrote: So I was debating between parallels and fusion as vmware is having a sale too.

Am not that technical, so I just want the cheapest bang for the buck.
https://store.vmware.com/store/vmware/h ... nt=Landing
fwiw, Parallels uses a subscription-based licensing model (you need to pay each year) whereas VMware Fusion has a persistent licence (buy it and own it).

I've been a Fusion user since 1.0 and it has worked flawlessly for me. Earlier versions of Parallels always had issues with certain Linux distributions, which I need for work.

Also, if you're just going to be a casual user VirtualBox is free, but the performance is quite a bit behind Fusion or Parallels.
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Dec 13, 2012
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Got this offer from MacHeist newsletter and just took a closer look. Pretty good deal considering that you get 2 years of Windscribe Pro. Too bad Parallels has gone the subscription route, but some of the other apps are lifetime deals and worth owning. Banktivity 7 is robust personal finance app, though I ended up going with Money by jumsoft a few months back as I preferred their workflow and UI. PDF Expert is a really good PDF reader and editor and I use it all the time.
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Dec 16, 2017
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Darn, I missed the deal and it is now up to $60USD
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Dec 23, 2010
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marilleo wrote: Yup, so around $53 after conversion.
ahh kills it for me for $36 I would have done it but for $50 something I"ll probably wait. I have two more years left of Windscribe anyway