Approved Antedate claim but wont let me fill out past reports.

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Mar 26, 2020
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Approved Antedate claim but wont let me fill out past reports.

Hi - a while ago i submitted an antedate and EI, and I just got approved for special benefits. It said they adjusted my claim date to an earlier one, and I need to fill in earlier reports.

"We have changed the start date of your claim to an earlier date. Due to this change, you are required to submit all of your reports from the earlier date, including those you may have already completed. Visit Internet Reporting Service to submit your reports."

BUT when I go to submit those reports it says "Our records show that the period you should be reporting for is the 2 week period from April 14, 2019 to April 27, 2019. You need to reactivate your claim before we can accept another report. Log Out and Return to our website at or visit your local office."

Im like yeah ... thats why I submitted an antedate in the first place, so I can fill out past reports that I never did. That's why I did the antedate in the first place!

Heres some more quotes and stuff

We have approved your claim for special benefits."


Start Date of Claim: April 14, 2019
Type of Benefit: Sickness – major attached benefits
Recovery Date: May 30, 2020
Total Insurable Earnings: $21,444
Benefit Rate: $562
Federal Tax: $67
End Date of Claim: April 11, 2020"

Please don't tell me to resubmit/renew a claim and an antedate because this is already an approval of an antedated EI claim! They're asking me to submit reports from a year ago (April 2019) for a claim ending tomorrow (April 2020) after they adjusted the start date. But it wont let me submit those earlier reports.

So what do I do? Since the end date of the claim is tomorrow (it says April 11 2020), do I need to have this figured out by tomorrow at midnight or else this all goes in the trash and I need to start over?

Im confused.
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Mar 26, 2020
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By the way - I got the email saying there was new Employment information available in my service Canada account on THURSDAY (I signed up for alerts) even though the EI and Antedate says it was approved on April 6th (Monday)... did they expect me to call in on Thursday/Friday and get this all fixed before everything was closed for the week, since it says the end date for the claim is April 11th? This is absolutely ridiculous.