Arm's length (insured) rental for 4x4 pickup?

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  • Jul 14th, 2021 9:30 am
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Jul 7, 2017
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Arm's length (insured) rental for 4x4 pickup?

Just wondering if there is a source for an arm's length (and hence "fully" insured) rental for a 4x4 truck that can be driven on unpaved roads?

Took some bee hives on a logging road over the weekend. Only ~8-8.5 Km on the logging roads but it wasn't clearly stated that the elevation gain was 600m+ over those 8 Km. Borrowed 2WD Ranger made it though I wasn't sure going to get up some of the grades which were pretty washboarded and had a warning sign on the way down of 18%+ grades, and am not sure it's going to make it back up unloaded (not something I'd want to drive a FWD on but I did see a Ridgeline driving up while I was on my way down). I'm pretty sure the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2WD that I once drove as a rental wouldn't have made it (could barely get up a much-more gentle dirt road in Joshua Tree NP).

The site is rapidly being overgrown by young trees so its viability in the future is low so no point in buying a truck (have a line on a diesel manual late '70s F truck).

Truo has nothing suitable where I am.
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Dec 4, 2011
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I deal with these guys (QC only) when I go do field work in forests, they rent 4x4 pickups fully insured for that type of work.

I am sure the same type of companies exist in the ROC as linked above