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Asian Supreme Court Judge and Love Triangle

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Nov 19, 2014
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Asian Supreme Court Judge and Love Triangle ... rist/?rf=1
When a list of 11 possible Supreme Court nominees for Hillary Clinton made the rounds a few weeks ago, it surprised no one to see Justice Goodwin Liu among the names.


Another high-level matrimonial split has hit the Hillary Clinton campaign, this one involving the parting of top adviser Ann O’Leary and her husband, California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu — who sources have confirmed is now dating his onetime law student, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim.

O’Leary was recently named co-executive director of the Clinton-Kaine presidential transition team, with speculation that she may be headed for a job in the White House as a deputy chief of staff if Clinton is elected.

Yikes — with such a strong bench of SCOTUS talent on the Democratic side, a marital mess involving a leading Clinton adviser spells big trouble for Liu’s chances.


Jane Kim, who’s running for the California State Ssenate against fellow Supervisor Scott Wiener, took a more hostile approach to the media. Her campaign manager, Eric Jaye, complained to the Chronicle about its “prurient interest masquerading as political reporting.”

With all due respect to Jane Kim and Eric Jaye, the Liu-O’Leary-Kim love triangle is newsworthy. Anyone who has spent time in D.C. will tell you that relationships drive appointments — including appointments to the federal courts and the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme Court. So although this news might be on the salacious side, it has significant consequences: Justice Liu’s chances of a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS in a Clinton Administration just dropped precipitously.
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