Asking for vacation day before job starts; had not brought it up before....

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Jan 15, 2010
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Asking for vacation day before job starts; had not brought it up before....

Basically, starting a job on the 17th. Found out about a week ago I got the job but am looking for a day off on the 20th. How bad would it look to even ask for the day considering i have not discussed vacation leave yet for this job?

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Mar 10, 2011
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It's too soon to be asking for a day off. Sort of sends the wrong message. Now if you would have mentioned it up front when you were offered the job, then you could have said you already had plans on that day. Unless it's something really important/critical, then I wouldn't ask for it so soon after starting.
Jan 15, 2010
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Yeah I did play this all wrong. I found out I got the job with the City of Winnipeg through the mail. It had dates to meet with HR people about social insurance and criminal record checks but since the person was not even involved in my future department, I thought it useless to bring it up. This was all last week and I still have not directly talked to my supervisors directly in the Assessment department. That is why I wanted to do so now on Monday since my meeting during the week was only with the HR department.

Ugh I'm so mad with myself haha. Like I'm not even a big vacation day guy. When my last job terminated my position, I walked out of there with a payout covering 25 vacation days not used.
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Aug 24, 2011
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Its a tough call

If at all possible cancel whatever you had planned, as for three days after you start the new job is pretty quick. But if it is an emergency, maybe you can ask your boss and explain (lie) that it was a rendez-vous with a specialist that was taken in the past and is impossible to change.
When I got hired I had told my employer that there was days that I needed off for assorted reasons, but I did it at the time of hiring...

good luck
Jul 3, 2011
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I'm starting a new job next week and am taking a week and a half off for a holiday two weeks later

I booked the holiday a week before the interview..the agency which got me the interview but had submitted me three weeks ago..after two weeks with no response from the company, I assumed they had hired someone else so that's why I booked the holiday.

During the interview, they asked "when can I start", I said next week, but since I hadn't heard from you for so long, I assume I didn't get the job and that I would have some time to go away for a bit..I can also start in a month when I get back..they said we need somebody right away and my holiday coming up wouldn't be a problem.

So basically I start next week, will be working/training for a couple weeks..then I will go on holiday for a week and half, then return and continue with job.

Some companies may or may not allow that..if they really want you, they will likely allow it.
Jan 15, 2010
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Yeah I'm not going to bother. The whole finding-out by mail threw me off in terms of talking with my supervisor.

Oh wells...


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