Audi RS3 fender/rocker issue

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Nov 18, 2006
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Audi RS3 fender/rocker issue

Saw this RS3 at a dealer. It's a pretty rough shape. Audi had this issue few years back with earlier B8 models. They installed a black plastic strip on the fender edge starting in 2012.
Even that, didn't seem to help that poor RS3. On the other hand, if you look at the wheels, they are pretty beat up too. Tells a lot about the owner. Both sides fender and all wheels were are pretty beat up. Good luck with the sale.
2018 Car has 65000 km. Their asking 49K... loll ... -id7016606
Anyone saw that on other RS3? They have a more aggressive wheel offset, it doesn't help but that pretty bad for a 2018. Curb marks... wow, but the inside. How do scratch a wheel like that?


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May 10, 2005
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Well, to be fair, curb rash on wheels is not unusual or unheard of, regardless of the vehicle.
As for rust and chipped paint on the rockers, well, that too is not unusual in any car that has rockers shaped such that the tire extends past the rocker. Splash guards are available to prevent this sort of thing but, some owners do not get them and that happens..
So, in my mind, after 65K kms, it is normal wear and tear.
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Aug 22, 2011
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PPF would have saved that rocker panel.
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Oct 25, 2003
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Those scratches on the wheels look odd, maybe someone was washing with a wheel brush and didn't notice metal sticking out? It goes and continue on the dish of the wheel too, very odd indeed.
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May 4, 2014
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Someone been doing this with their RS3, but in loose gravel.

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May 23, 2009
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Car looks like its in rough shave, I wont be surprised if the previous owner was running 10mm spacers to push out the wheels. It's a pretty popular mod on the Audi forum when using OEM wheels.

Carfax shows the car covered 14,000kms in 6 months back in 2018, that is a lot of driving. My wife did similar in a new GTI a while back when commuting from Mississauga to Scarborough(45,000kms in 1.5 yrs) but then the car sat in the garage for its 2nd year when she went on mat leave. 3rd year of ownership she was taking the GO train to downtown Toronto so the overall kms dropped to a more reasonable usage by the time it was traded in (65,000kms in 4.5yrs)
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Apr 5, 2010
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Saw this on a 2017 Audi a8 that was for sale as a trade in at a dealership. Exact same spot.


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