Autism & Behavioral Science Grad Jobs?

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  • Dec 17th, 2020 5:47 pm
Nov 28, 2020
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Autism & Behavioral Science Grad Jobs?

Hi, so I've been having trouble looking for a decent job like many during the pandemic... I've had some experience but they had shitty hours and shitty services. Any advice on looking for jobs in the field for ITs? I'm looking to become BCBA or RBT. I graduated in 2019 at GBC. Any advice would be nice!
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Dec 11, 2003
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Sorry, I can't offer any advice but I thought I would tell you about what I've observed.

My son is autistic and he does some 1 on 1 therapy lessons (speech, behavioural, etc). When he was at a centre (I forget the exact term for these) his assigned therapists would usually quit the centre after a while and either go to another centre, work for the government, or start their own business. This happened quite often. My guess is that most people try and get a job at centres for experience and then go and do other things in the field.

Good luck in job hunting. I'm sure it's tough these days because everything is online right now.
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