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Oct 25, 2018
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Autotrader replies

Anyone not getting replies when asking for information on private car sales.
I have asked for information on several suvs the last few weeks. Never get an answer meanwhile the vehicle is still listed and then marked as sold .
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Sep 12, 2003
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Me either, the only replies that I got especially from private sellers are scams. Chances, dealer probably sold the vehicle shortly after posting.
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Oct 25, 2018
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No i would ask if i could come and have a look at the vehicle.
No replies.
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May 10, 2005
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alecdl wrote: No i would ask if i could come and have a look at the vehicle.
No replies.
It depends on how often a person checks their emails. May also depend how many others have responded. May also be if the vehicle is already sold.
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Sep 8, 2007
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How long ago were the ads posted? A week? A month? I would only look at ads place in the last few days as likely still for sale and once you get past a week there’s a higher likelihood it’s sold but not updated.

Gotta remember sellers get a bunch of still available or will you take $<lowball> also. So always make you inquires sound legit.
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Mar 23, 2004
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Autotrader is no different than kijiji, really. It mainly focuses on cars but it's rife with idiots.

I only had experience recently but the few private sellers I contacted/tried to contact were basically losers:
-No reply at all
-Replies exposing their lies in the ad :facepalm:

I'll give you an example of the latter. One guy had a car listed in "Toronto" and also had it listed a few times, on kijiji too, and all his listings were on the east end of the GTA (Toronto, Scarborough, Whitby). When I contacted the guy, he says the car is in...Peterborough :rolleyes: It gets better because me thinking maybe he listed it in Toronto 'cause he's gonna drive and meet you there if you want to look at the car. When I ask him if he's gonna be near TO and if we can meet to see the car, he says no it's in Peterborough have to see it there :facepalm: Then ad mentions the original suspension has recently been replaced with coilovers (a common service given the price of the factory suspension on the vehicle). So I ask him if there's any chance he still has the original shocks/struts (you can send them places to be rebuilt at slightly less cost than buying new ones). Then more lies come out, he's like "oh I only replaced the springs", implying the shocks and struts are original. Oh yeah eh, so why does your ad say coilovers and even mentions the brand specifically? Either he thinks I don't know anything, or he actually knows nothing and he just took it to a shop, or it's just more BS. Needless to say that was the last message, I didn't send this loser any more messages.

Another idiot who didn't reply at all, it was probably because I called him out on his nonsense in the first message. Ad said never winter driven but also says he's the 3rd owner and car still had some 3rd party dealer plate frame on it so I know he didn't buy it personally from the second owner to know anything about what they did with it. Asked them how they can say never winter driven when it's x years old and has had mulitple owners. No reply, lol. It's like these idiots think everyone else are idiots too, and won't catch stuff like this :rolleyes:

Also you gotta love the guys where they took pictures of the car at different times and they had different things on the car at the times like different wheels or even just things like plate covers or frames, so really you have no idea whether they took these pictures two years ago or recently and where the interior pictures came from either. See a lot of people take pictures of a car when they themselves bought it. Whether it was brand new at the time, or even bought from a used dealer who detailed it, etc. before selling. So the pictures that are from then don't say a thing about what the car looks like now, and when you ask people which are the most current they kind of clue in to the fact that you're on to their foolery, so they of course...don't reply. Seems like these people are looking for buyers as dumb as they look, to sell cars to. Not people that know about cars and lies, and no what to look for and what questions to ask.

As for the ones that don't reply and the listing soon disappears, I think those are more just people that sold the car already but had the listing up. Instead of having the decency to reply and say "sorry it's sold" they just say nothing and take down the listing when it's convenient. I mean you can't really fault them but unless they're getting hundreds of messages about it, if they had any manners they'd politely reply. These are people you are basically just lucky you didn't buy from to begin with because, again...they are losers.

In the end I bought from "shady guy" used car dealer, lol, but since I was buying a car as-is it went mostly pretty smoothly; a bit of runaround but an alright transaction and at least they replied, let me test drive, let me have it inspected, etc. While you'd think dealing with "real people" might be better, the truth is a lot of real people are also garbage lol. With dealers, even small time indy ones, their job is to sell you cars so if they wanna make any money they kind of have to deal with you. Your job is just to do your homework with it, ask the right questions, look over it yourself with a fine tooth comb, have it inspected, and watch out for lies. Once you start seeing any clear/blatant lies about the car, it's time to walk.

Anyway that's^ probably more of a post than you asked for but just some friendly advice :)
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Sep 22, 2005
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I'd agree with many replies above.

It's pretty much the result you get with at least 50% of the ads from any site whether it's Autotrader, Kijiji, FB Marketplace, Cargurus, Craiglist, etc... and it goes both ways for buyers and sellers. Have a low expectation that more than half of the responses you get are: nothing, ad deleted, marked sold, incorrect, incomplete, outright lies, etc. then you won't feel so bad. It's the nature of the online business these days, take it with a grain of salt. Move on with the next ad/buyer/seller if you don't feel comfortable or get frustrated. Don't get stuck with a single ad/person with high expectations.

If you're seriously interested, ask the legitimate questions that show you're genuine and increase your chances of getting serious replies. Buyers/sellers sometimes don't check their mail/message and don't bother to update their ads for days/weeks/months. Trust your guts/instinct if you don't feel right about the transaction and double check everything before parting with your money/goods. There are lots of decent people and there are just as many scammers/idiots so just be careful especially with vehicles involving thousands of dollars. Stay safe out there.
Disclaimers: I was in your shoes earlier this spring and went through similar experiences. I was also on the other side and got lots of generic/dumb/idiot responses.
Oct 25, 2018
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Thanks for the replies.
I've probably replied to about 8-10 ads with no reply.
So i tried messaging my son in law who was selling his car just to see if he got the message . He got it so at least i know the message works.
Yes some of the privates ads seem to be to good to be true.
When you see no license plates instead of covering up on the car i would think its a fake ad.
Dec 1, 2014
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I find auto trader is worst when waiting to hear back from sellers. For whatever reason, Kijiji seems to have more active sellers but wow, a ton of scammers.

FB Marketplace is ok but not as easy to search for calls as autotrader and kijiji.
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Nov 7, 2016
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FilaGuy wrote: I find auto trader is worst when waiting to hear back from sellers. For whatever reason, Kijiji seems to have more active sellers but wow, a ton of scammers.

FB Marketplace is ok but not as easy to search for calls as autotrader and kijiji.
I agree with these places being full of idiots/scammers, though I found FB Marketplace to have the dumbest questions asked in history by a long shot! When I sold my Jeep and all the parts I had listed, I pulled the listing from FB as it was just unbearable dealing with these stupid questions. Ended up selling 99% of the stuff via Kijiji...
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May 30, 2012
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This is why I don't buy used...
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Nov 22, 2017
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It's a huge hassle to sell a car privately and most sellers don't understand that they need to be accomodating to the buyer and the time commitment that it takes from both parties to make the deal happen. Buyer's also need to understand that they are buying used from a private sale so therefore they should tamper their expectations... meaning the car might not be exactly perfect and you might never find it especially if you are in a rush to buy.
Aug 4, 2021
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I have confirm by phone that at least two potential sales leads did not get messages I sent to them.
What's going on Auto Trader?
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Sep 7, 2004
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Pete_Coach wrote: It depends on how often a person checks their emails. May also depend how many others have responded. May also be if the vehicle is already sold.
All of the above.

I emailed the Seller (because there was no Phone # to call/msg) and got a reply 5 days later.
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Nov 18, 2012
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I have a vehicle on Auto Trader now for a few days. Is there no one that can form a complete sentence when replying lol. Better yet I had one just utter a few grunts on the phone when you call them, I just hang up. I Don't have time to deal with those that can't speak or are truly interested . Had one clown email and I got back to him right away. The guy can barely piece a sentence together on the phone let alone in his written reply, He was not using English as a second language.. I get that part, this guy was either high or brain dead lol. Another was a dealer wanting me to buy his cars not mine lol. Lots of bored people wanting to waste others time or scammers/low life bottom feeding dealers I think. It takes a bit to sift through the BS.
I have had at least 6 or more replies from Auto trader nothing from Kijiji auto's, same ad too.
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Nov 11, 2013
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If your really interested in a car and there is a number posted, CALL them. The last few cars I bought for family members, the sellers were older, not tech savvy and don’t often check their emails. Plus it’s easier to weed out the scammers/curbers when you talk to them.


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