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Aventon Level e-bike + Kryptonite Lock

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Feb 27, 2013
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Aventon Level e-bike + Kryptonite Lock

Hi All,

Im getting my Aventon Level soon and I am currently shopping for locks. I am deciding between Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock or the Kryptonite New York LS (the longer version of the standard)

My question is can the standard one fit in the area between the rear wheel and the middle (seat) frame? or is it too small? I believe the lock sizes are 8" vs 10". Considering I also need to factor in the size of the actual pole or wherever I lock the bike Im not sure if the 8" standard lock is big enough. I addition to either the Standard or the larger size lock I also plan on getting a cable lock for the front wheel. so it will be a ulock + cable lock combo.

Anyone have any insights on what size lock I should get?
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May 22, 2005
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There are pros and cons with the longer shackle. Pro is obviously being able to fit around different poles and could fit between rear wheel and frame. However, a con would be it would provide extra cutting room and leverage space for breaking the lock.

If you must lock the bike, I'd go with the regular New Yorker U-lock, a Kyrptonite Evolution chain lock, a disc brake lock and a cable lock. Yes this is a lot, but if a thief wants your bike, they will get it. The more deterrence there are, the more chance they will pass and move on to the next bike.

This is also why I picked a very stealthy ebike that doesn't look like a ebike, and use a combination of U-lock, 2x cable locks for both wheels, and a Kryptonite chain lock. Sucks but it is what it is. I am tempted to get a second crappier ebike for when I do need to lock up a bike for a prolonged period.
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Jan 27, 2004
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If you're on an e-bike already… just max out the security! You already got pedal assist so weight shouldn't matter for physical endurance.

Different when i’m on my single speed… i just carry. Kryptonite u-lock mini.
However I get away with using an abus folding lock even over night in the mean streets of downtown toronto and crack head sherbourne And dundas area.


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