Avoid Hopper App - needs improvement!!!

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  • Mar 2nd, 2022 6:00 pm
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Jan 7, 2017
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Avoid Hopper App - needs improvement!!!

Used the app recently and ran in to two issues centered around their UI just not making things clear or intuitive compared to almost every other travel app I used.

Charges are all in USD which is not made very clear particularly if using their prize freeze function. The entire flow has prices marked in CDN even on the final payment page
  • Hilton on the hand made it very clear the charges were in USD so I used a USD credit card
They require travel profiles for each user when booking a hotel which is generally not required for hotel only bookings including the big chains and 3rd parties like Expedia. Results in extra guest fee charges despite the initial search starting with the right number of guests:
  • exact same search with other providers would have covered the charges as their checkout takes into account the search criteria and automatically includes the same number of guests and doesn’t require their names (confirmed this via one provider’s chat support)
Customer service support from Hopper thus hasn’t really been stellar - hopefully both these issues are passed along to their dev team, But looks like their App Store reviews are riddle with complaints from folks experiencing issues during their trip which makes 100% sense to me based on my experience.

Didn’t see anything posted but just thought I would give others a heads so they can be extra careful if booking. I wouldn’t likely book with them again and have actually deferred people away from them.