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[B&H] Vizio P65-F1 65" - $899 USD + tax and duty [BACKORDERED] - COLD,BUT MAYBE IT'S YOUR JAM?

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  • Nov 22nd, 2018 11:32 pm
Mar 5, 2007
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Vizio P65-F1 65" - $899 USD + tax and duty [BACKORDERED] - COLD,BUT MAYBE IT'S YOUR JAM?

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Look, I'm sure the RFD Hate Squad is going to downvote this into oblivion, but thought I'd pass it along, since the P65-F1 is hard to come by in Canada. This deal is not for everyone, but someone out there might be interested.
I'm not going to bite on this for a couple of reasons: it's backordered, with expected delivery in mid-late December; I've also had a few issues with B&H over the past 6-8 months -- they used to be really reliable, but they've been dropping the ball pretty severely on my orders lately; if you have any problems, you may be stuck shipping back to the U.S.

For anyone still interested, here are the details:
Vizio P65-F1 on sale for $899 USD; bundled with slim, high-speed 12' HDMI cable.
With tax, duty and shipping (to Alberta), all-in price of $1615 CDN (the equivalent to buying it at retail in Alberta for ~$1540 + GST). The P65-E1 was priced around there, ranging from $1600-$1800, so this is a little cheaper than what the clearance price was for the P65-E1. The P55-F1 is $1000 right now, and the P75-F1 is $3000 . Not the most amazing deal, and there are a few caveats, but for anyone who's desperate for a P65-F1, it might be worth looking at. ... 1407013REG