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Nov 17, 2006
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backyard ice rink

I've never built a backyard rink before, and am looking for good info on all the steps required and tools(ie wood,tarp) as it will be my first attempt

if some one could help me out I would appreciate it

thanks in advance

(area of about 15W x 20L)
p.s-can I place the frame of the rink over my stone patio, or does it have to be done over grass
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Jan 16, 2008
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check out Home Depot's website..they used to have a DIY guide to building these...or try Hockey Night in Canada's website...
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Jan 16, 2008
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forgot to mention...costco.ca has a kit you can get...$60 off, but expires today.
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Sep 19, 2005
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Built my own for a few yrs when kids were young,,,,,, I got a 24x48+ tarp grey or white from ebay for like $25 (depends on your yard),,, then bought enought 2x6 or 8 to frame it. (Sometimes you can get the wood from construction site scraps) Lay tarp out,,, fram the rink and attached tarp to top of wood framing,,,, then filled it in the cold evenings and had a amazing hockey rink.
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Oct 12, 2001
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Ur kidding, right? We used to just have a level patch of ground and start hosing it down, night after night. Building a simple rink is the stuff of stories for years to come.

It doesn't have to look like the YEG rink to enjoy it. Yes we had to dig our pucks our of the snow bank, but we had fun.
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Oct 12, 2007
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LeonPhelps wrote: Does anyone know of any companies that will actually build the rink for you ?
Depending on your site, maintaining a rink can be as much work as building it - especially if your site has a lot of trees or your winters have freeze-thaw cycles and/or lots of snow. I can only imagine that you're looking at a pretty steep cost and that it really wouldn't be worth it. You could try one of those handyman services, though...

FWIW, if your ground isn't level and you don't get early and reasonably-deep snow, building a rink is difficult - how difficult depends on the height difference between the highest and lowest points of your rink. These kits you can buy are decent but you need to start with a level area.
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Aug 22, 2003
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sienna owner wrote: that's sick!!
only in Edmonton..LOL
Nope, not just in Edmonton. ;) A friend of ours builds a regulation size rink every year. Hubby and a bunch of guys play 3 nights a week and the kids get the rink the other 4 nights. He actually excavated the rink and put down 8 inches of compacted traffic bind that is laser levelled. The rink has complete boards, lights, a heated "hockey hut" complete with a flatscreen to check the scores, a keg, etc. We've always wanted to enter him in one the best backyard rink contests but we're all sworn to secrecy. He's concerned about liability issues if the general public finds out where the rink is. When the rink is not in use (summer) the kids use it as a place to ride bikes, scooters, etc and play ball hockey. :)
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