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Bank for very small freelancing...

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Mar 14, 2019
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Bank for very small freelancing...

I want to take on a few hours work a week, am a stay at home mom so that will be my only income. It is hard to find exact information! Do I HAVE to open a business account or can I use my personal account?
I would like to use Tangerine... but they only have the business savings account.
Or can I use Transferwise as main account? My main income will be work for a friend in Australia so paid in AUD.
anything else I need to do? I'm thinking to just track income and expenses in a spreadsheet, and keep receipts in a folder. How long do you need to keep those for, would digital copies be ok?
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You can use a personal account. I assume you are not incorporated and if so that's all you need.
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You can use your personal bank account. I assume the volume of transactions will be pretty low, excel for income and expenses will be fine, you need to keep the receipts for 7 years, digital copies are fine.

You will be reporting revenues and expenses as your business income on form T2125 on your personal tax return.
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