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Bathurst / Sheppard Neighborhood

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Aug 11, 2019
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Bathurst / Sheppard Neighborhood

How does everyone feel about this neighborhood?

Right in between the two subway stations of Sheppard West station (Allen / Sheppard) and Sheppard station (Yonge / Sheppard) it hasn't come up much in conversation around real estate on this forum, or in general.

There is 4 pre constructions set to be built near by - after being stalled for what feels like 5 years. (City of Toronto wouldn't approve the projects without the area having sufficient sewage capacity).

There isn't anything extremely extravagant about this neighborhood except the parks.

The new Harrington Residence project (Kaleido Corp) has most of the units starting at $850 per square feet.

What I'm most curious about is why a project released in 2020 in midtown Toronto at $850 per square feet isn't getting much more attention.
Is it due to us being in the middle of a pandemic, or is it because of the neighborhood?

Thank you!
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Jan 5, 2020
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I wouldn't say it's a bad neighborhood but it's not great either. There are quite a few older rental apartments in this area which may impact the demographics.

Also, the area doesnt really have the elements of a good condo location. That is, close access to subway, highway, restaurants, and shopping. I'm also not aware of any upcoming developments in this area that would cause a peak in interest. I find that most people on redflagdeals are more focused on prime real estate and bathurst\sheppard doesnt really cut it.

That being said, $850 per sqft does seem very attractive and I think this condo may attract interest on the price alone. However, I'm not sure if $850 per sqft would be considered cheap as I have not really looked into other condo developments in comparable neighbourhoods.
Dec 12, 2011
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Most definitely the neighbourhood. I grew up around there and my friend lives in a condo on shep but closer to downsview station. The area is surrounded by old ass apartment buildings so you will be mostly around people that rent. I am turning 40 next year and the neighbourhood hasn't changed much since I was a kid other than some condos. If you have a family, imo not the best neighbourhood as far as playgrounds that you could walk to (earl bales is 15 min walk tho but there isnt a playground there and the intersection is busy as hell) and if you are a young professional and you want to hang locally, it's not that type of area. Maybe in the distant future but it seems like the apartments will be there until they crumble. The stores around there look pretty beat up as well but I'm sure you already seen that. The positive that i can say is that the immigrants that are in the buildings are mostly the hardworking type so imo the area is not ghetto or crime infested. There is no government housing around there (as far as I know) so i would consider the neighbourhood blue collar. My homeboy is a young professional but he is unmarried with no kids, doesnt live an active lifestyle, drives pretty much everywhere, and he likes the fact that it's close to allen rd and the 401. Also downsview station is right there if he needs to take train. I dont follow condo sq ft pricing but I would assume Yonge and eg would be priced higher and for good reason.
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Nov 24, 2013
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It's not a bad neighbourhood. It's close to subway stations, the 401, Yorkdale, Yonge St. and Bayview Village and the bus stop is literally at the corner. And relatively close to York University. A lot of condos have been coming up along the Sheppard corridor between Allen Road and Bathhurst. Location wise, it's a bit strange as it's in the middle of of a lot, without actually having anything of note in it's immediate vicinity., but that goes for everything east of Yonge.

I think the psf is a bit on the higher side given the location.
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Mar 2, 2017
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Neighbourhood is fine, but it lacks curb appeal big time unfortunately. It looks worse than it is.

Otherwise it's a traffic nightmare to get around there. It's crippling.

Other than that I don't see much wrong with it.


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