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Mar 21, 2002
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emz wrote:I concur. As for the price, I ALWAYS go for their rack of ribs during the before 4pm lunch specials. I think it's a pretty good price for their great quality of ribs - and the quantity is just the right amount for a single person.

I also love their crunchy or crispy chicken with 2-3 diff. types of dipping. Man, that stuff is good too!
How much are the ribs during lunch?
Nov 29, 2004
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babychai wrote:i've been to eaton's, north york centre, weston/7 and east beaver creek...

ordered the new york steak every single time... seems like the north york centre one was the only one that got it just right... the east beaver creek tends to overcook my steak...

on another note... if anyone was wondering how huge their portions could be, they might wanna try ordering the chicken tenders. :lol:
The first time I ever went there (North York Centre one), I ordered the Chicken Tenders. The waitress warned me and said that they were quite large and that it may be too much for me, but I insisted. And oh man, they were HUGE. I think I only managed to finish eating 1/3 of the plate before I was completely stuffed.