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[Bay Bloor Radio] Sony WH1000XM2 wireless headphones on Black Friday at Bay Bloor Radio - $299.00

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Apr 17, 2003
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s1301950 wrote: right... but not only the headphone have to support ldac for you to benefit, the source have to support ldac as well right? and what in the market right now does?
Every phone with Android 8 (or is it 7?) or higher. Sony released LDAC codec to Android.
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Jul 15, 2006
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Got one on sale practically new for a decent discount - ping if interested :).
ppb.van wrote: Maybe XM3 are better. But do not see a deal for those. Right now it is $340 vs $500 after tax. All craigslist/kijiji deals are completely different story. You decide for yourself.

In terms of sound quality, the PXC has a much more balanced sound that the Sony XM3 - they feel more open and you can hear all the frequencies. The Sonys are downright muddy in comparison on some tracks - once you EQ them though and drop the bass, they are a lot better. In terms of noise canceling the sonys wipe the floor with the PXC, it's not even a fair comparison. If you like any type of bass in your music, you'll likely enjoy the Sonys more.
The other difference is that the PXC can pair to multiple devices, the Sonys only par with one device at a time. They both have apps that allow you to customize the sound signature and the amount of noise cancellation.

Last, in terms of comfort, the sonys have bigger ear cups, the senns wrap right around your ears and get sweaty a tiny bit faster than the sonys.

Microsoft also just jumped in this area with the surface headphones, would love to hear those as well.
NabeelS182 wrote: I've been waiting for pxc 550 to go on sale, none so far, might have to go with Bose QC 35 series 2 that's in this flyer
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Jan 28, 2018
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Cress wrote: Microsoft also just jumped in this area with the surface headphones, would love to hear those as well.
MKBHD had posted a couple of days ago that they were the best headphones he has ever owned.
Then a semi rammed into the side of his Tesla, so maybe no review of the headphones for a while.
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