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BBQ Cleaning - Found a Great (Inexpensive) Cleaner

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  • May 18th, 2020 4:15 pm
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BBQ Cleaning - Found a Great (Inexpensive) Cleaner

Yesterday was clean the BBQ day - typically I degrease the gas BBQs once a year in the Spring when I am ready to put the Winter Beater away and pull out the Summer BBQ.

I decided instead of using multiple cans dollar store aerosol oven cleaner that this year I'd try a commercial grill cleaner.

I bought this stuff at Costco Business Outlet in Toronto. https://www.costcobusinesscentre.ca/Chi ... 83531.html
Screen Shot 05-17-20 at 04.18 PM.PNG
It's the identical ingredient (Sodium Hydroxide) found in aerosol oven cleaner at a fraction of the price - I poured the liquid into an old spray bottle.

I used about a litre for each BBQ - works out to less than $2 per BBQ (and they were fairly greasy) and it did a much better job than the dollar store oven cleaner.
I picked the cleaner up at Costco Business Outlet - cost was around $5

Tools required:
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber Gloves (the cleaner ate through a pair of vinyl gloves)
  • Goggles
  • Pressure washer or garden hose with nozzle.
  • Plastic scraper (I'd didn't want to use a metal putty knife for fear of scratching the stainless steel).
Be forewarned - a couple of years ago I ruined a pair of coated prescription eye glasses - the oven cleaner mist damaged the anti-glare coating.
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To each their own ...
Not a fan of these harsh chemicals what-so-ever

Our grill gets Used year round

We just maintain our grill by lightly oiling it each time we use it
And then burn off & scrape off any food residue after grilling
(or if lazy ... In the next pre heat cycle)

Grills get a bath a few times a season
Deep Sink, Soap & Water ... & a good scrub
If there is any build up ... we might presoak in hot water with a bit of vinegar

Here’s a good video on Annual Maintenance of the rest of the grill
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No need to clean like crazy with harsh chems.

I just scrape gunk and brush and vacuum. Spray some Simple Green or use Barkeepers Friend and clean around controls. Check and clean holes in burners to make sure everything is clean. Clean orifices of cobwebs if any.

Had to replace a Rotisserie burner this year in my over 25yr old Ducane BBQ. "Music City Metals" on Amazon is highly recommended - they make good products and great prices for replacement parts

Ready to go for another season.
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Oct 13, 2008
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Never clean a BBQ with chemicals.

Before my first use in the spring, I normally just take the cast iron grills and the heat plates out. Give it a good scrub with a wire BBQ brush.

Then hose down. Air dry.

Then pull out the Tenderflake or Crisco (whichever is in the fridge) and season the cast iron grills.

For the grease pan, I re-cover the entire pan with a fresh layer of thick aluminum foil.

Put everything back in the BBQ and fire it up. Let it keep a constant heat (at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 30-45 minutes.


Then mid-summer I would just change out the aluminum foil on the grease pan.
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I bought a used Napoleon portable grill the other day - solid stainless steel including grates etc. and just took a brass wire brush on my drill to the whole thing.

Dismantled it all, and went to town. Soft enough to not scratch the stainless but it got rid of the years of neglect from the PO.


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