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BC. BC homeav Tax? walmart

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  • Sep 13th, 2010 7:54 am
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Aug 4, 2005
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BC. BC homeav Tax? walmart

Just trying to figure something out. I bought a cheap set of speakers $9.96, and another item was added on the recipt "BC HOMEAV" $3.50. apperently it's a tax, or so said the cashier...does anyone in BC know what this tax is? is it legit?...add it to the hst its nearly 50%
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Sep 12, 2010
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Thanks for the info, GeeCee.

I remember the first time I noticed the $0.50 eco fee at Canadian Tire a number of years ago. I was in zombie mode and stopped in there at 8am as I work nights ... bought some small items or whatever ... motor oil. Anyway ... I'm driving away and I notice "ecofee" and get pissed. Thinking to myself - "Wait ... I didn't buy no stinkin' coffee?! They don't even sell freshly brewed coffee there ... the hell?" and then realized a few seconds later it was probably some ecological fee crapola.


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